March 11, 2022|Keiwit Middle School, West Papio Trail, and various West O Subdivisions | AO – The Combine | 19°

PAX (18): Grillz, Honey Maid, Wheezy, Wentworth, Skipper, Vila, Frosty, Blue Chip, Grease Fire, Speed Square, House Party, SuperHost, Slow Pitch, IH, Superfly, Bubbles, LPC, Al Borland

QIC: Al Borland

YHC covered the mission statement, credo and core principles. Disclaimer snuck in as the PAX departed for Warm-a-rama. 


The PAX made a short mosey from the shovel flags to the courts for the Warm-a-rama on the kickball field. 

(10) Big Ones (IC) 

(10) Count Lunge and hold 

(15) Tappy Taps (IC)

(20) Side Straddle Hops (IC)

(20) Seal Jacks (IC)

(10) Sun gods (IC-F/R)

(10) Chinooks (IC)

(15) Cherry Pickers (IC)


As a group we (15) chicken peckers with lateral moves left and right between every five (5) reps. (20) Australian mountain climbers were performed with lateral moves left and right after every ten (10) reps.  We gave the shoulders a rest between the chicken peckers and mountain climbers by performing thirty (30) monkey humpers at the base of the hill in combination with a Bernie Sanders back to the top. 


As planned, the Thang was to involve a short 800m mosey to the West Papio Trail followed by a BOMBS two-man grinder and a short ¾ mile mosey back to the shovel flags. YHC missed a turn and lead the PAX off course.  We picked up the trail about a ¼ mile farther downstream where we commenced the BOMBS. The BOMBS workout consisted of each pair of HIM completing the following: (50) burpees, (100) overhead claps, (150) merkins, (200) big boy sit ups and (250) air squats.  Man Onefrom each team performed 25 forward moving lunges while Man Two performed the called exercise.  At the completion of the 25 lunges, Man One called back for Man two.  Man Two then runs forward to relay the exercise count to Man One before continuing forward with lunges while Man One continues thecalled exercise. 

With yours truly off course and out of sorts the PAX faithfully forged ahead in a northerly direction along the West Papio Trail. Omaha was called at 0545 to provide enough time to return to the shovel flag. We proceeded to navigate our return to the shovel flags under the special advisement and leadership of Superfly.  In total the PAX logged about 2.2 mile of running. Based on the level of mumble chatter, it was clear to YHC that the PAX enjoyed extra mileage and scenic tour of the various west Omaha neighborhoods that we traversed.  


A light amount of Mary was had on the return run back as the PAX performed 20 gas pumpers (IC) while lost in the burbs. Flustered, exhausted and behind schedule YHC called off the remainder of planned Mary at the shovel flags. The PAX were thankful and invigorated to have found our way back to the shovel flags only a few minutes behind schedule. 


• Wentworth filled the PAX in on upcoming 3rd F opportunities with Heartland Hope and Abide. See Slack for details.

• ICB’s daughter Paisley is recovering from open heart surgery. Links to a meal train have been posted to Slack. 

• YHC and family are running a weeks long campaign to raise money for the FedEx Family House where we stayed while Callum had his brain surgery.  Details on Slack.  

Prayer requests 

Continued prayers for strength and healing as Paisley and family recover from open heart surgery. 


YHC spoke about grit and the importance that grit plays in long term success. Angela Lee Duckworth, an American Psychologist and author has studied grit which she defines as the power and passion of perseverance for the achievement of long-term goals.  

LPC took us out in prayer.

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