Pre-Run (5:00 a.m.): 10 PAX: Skidz, Escobar, Fine Print, Speed Square, Sasquatch, Hardhat, Barbershop, Eartag, Obi-wan, Yogi

Beatdown (5:30 a.m.) 27 PAX: Fine Print, Escobar, Barbershop, Mr. Miyagi, Band Camp, Lincoln Logs (RESPECT x2), Gump, Unicycle, Tee Ball, Blades of Glory, Ketchup, Eartag, Baby Shoes (HATE), Ruxpin, Skidz, Hardhat, Sweet Sweet, Supe, Rowdy, Overtime, Sasquach, Vlasic (RESPECT), Nelly, Obi-wan, Speed Square, Griswold, Yogi

Q: Yogi

27 PAX met at the flags. Yogi introduced himself and asked for FNG’s. No FNG’s. Yogi welcomed the group to F3, went through the 5 core principles and noted that he is not a professional and recommended to modify as necessary. OT reminded him to go over the credo and mission statement. The group then mosey’d to the north part of the parking lot for warmarama.

Warmarama: Side Straddle Hops – 15 IC, Tappy Taps – 12 IC, Big ones – 10 IC, Imperial Walkers – 12 IC

The Thang: Yogi took an idea of “miles and hills” from Ferdinand at the Oracle a few weeks ago. The PAX mosey’d thru the Stonybrook neighborhood to Anderson Middle School (1 mile from the north lot at MS). Anderson has a large hill to the south. Cones were set up at the bottom and top of the hill – PAX numbered off into groups of two and then got into the 2-man grinder. One PAX runs up to the top of the hill and back down while the other PAX is doing an AMRAP exercise and then switch. Each PAX does exercise 1 then moves onto exercise 2 and so on.


1) Merkins

2) Air Squats

3) LBCs

4) Alternating Shoulder Taps

5) Bonnie Blairs

6) Flutter Kicks

7) Carolina Dry Docks

8) Bobby Hurley’s

9) Heel Touches

10) Burpees


Due to the distance from the shovel flags, Yogi sent Rowdy back early with any PAX that wanted extra time on the run. Yogi called Omaha about 5 minutes later and led the rest of the PAX back to the shovel flags. 

Mary: American Hammers, Rancid style.


Nugent Flag Pass: We had a Nugent Flag Pass from Vlasic to Unicycle. Vlasic shared how he had not known Nugent, but was inspired by his legacy, and asked the PAX, “what will be your legacy when you’re gone?”

Prayers: Praying for Paisley, ICB’s daughter going into surgery today. Prayers for Tee Balls grandmother, Helen, who recently passed. Prayers for Sasquatch’s sister who is expecting shortly. 

COT:  I had recently read how comfort is killing us. Growth only happens when you’re uncomfortable or out of your comfort zone. This could be physical or mental. I explained how F3 is a safe place to get uncomfortable. I said being vulnerable, standing up and leading in front of 30 guys makes me uncomfortable, but after Qing a few times it gets easier – that is growth. Same with your fitness. Waking up early is uncomfortable. Working out in subzero temperatures is uncomfortable. STAY UNCOMFORTABLE!

Escobar ended with a prayer.



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