3-9-2122 AO: Top Rope  Weather: 24° with a steady breeze, windchill 12°

PAX: Superfly, Skeet (Hate!), Wentworth, Hei Hei, Theraband, Outhouse, Dakine, Big Unit, Doppler, Oompa, Barndoor, Bever 

QIC: Rollbar

It was a brisk but beautiful morning for a beatdown, pre-runners gathered at the Shovel Flags and the PAX trickled in as 0530 approached, it was go time! YHC welcomed the men gathered, shared the Mission, Credo, and Core Principles, warned the PAX that he was STILL not a professional, advised them that there were elements of the workout (60lb sandbag anyone?) that could cause injury, and encouraged them to modify as necessary. 

YHC led the PAX across the street to the office parking lot for Warm-o-Rama. 


SSH x25ic

Big Ones x12ic

Sungods x10ic each way

Cherry Pickers x20ic

A quick mosey back to the school’s b-ball courts for a quick Pre-Thang.

Pre-Thang: Wall work

Wall sit x30

Donkey Kicks x10

Balls to The Wall x30

Chicken Peckers x10ic

YHC had the PAX count off into 4 groups and explained the grinder to follow. 

The Thang: 4 Corners

Station 1: Push Group

5 Sandbag Burpees each PAX

Alternating Shoulder Taps while you wait

Station 2: AMRAP Core


Low Dolly

Big Boys

Station 3: AMRAP Legs

Bonnie Blairs

Monkey Humpers

Sumo Squats

Station 4: AMRAP Chest/Arms


Hand Release Merkins

Tempo Merkins

COT: The journey IS the destination

Often times we find ourselves looking for that magical place where we’ve “made it”, we feel like we’ll be happy when we get there. 

What if we shifted our mindset? What if we truly embraced the daily journey? Do you want to get closer to God? Embrace the daily journey. Are you chasing that number on the scale? Embrace the daily journey. Are you striving to be a better husband, father, employee, boss? You guessed it, embraced the daily journey.

Let’s learn to embrace each step along the path, we may never get “there” but the daily journey IS the destination. Keep getting after it, and celebrate the daily victories.

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