When I pulled into area around 4:48, I expected to see about 6-10 HIM running at me to start their Smurph at Titan Alley. To my surprise, there wasn’t a Smurph this morning. I would guess that this was the first time that there hasn’t been a Smurph group here on a Monday since the AO launched. I had some set up to do and wanted to get in a 2-mile pre-run with Grease Fire before 5:30. Duracell was early for a pre-run also, so he helped me get some lights and my speaker set up. With the strong wind from the north, I was debating where I wanted to set up for the 2-man grinder. I decided to set up right next to the school for a little wind break. I think the PAX were appreciative, but I don’t think the custodian appreciated us packing down the snow with our grinder going round and round and doing various exercises in the snow. 

9 HIM: Flowers, Goose, Chernobyl, Echo, Duracell, Gump, Grease Fire, Warren / FNG Lasso, and Beta Max. (Welcome FNG Lasso, who wore shorts for his first workout!) 

Q: Wentworth 

Warm-O-Rama: SSH’s, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Wind Mills, Tappy Taps, Squats, Mountain Climbers, and Sun Gods 

The Thang: 2-man Grinder 

1 man stays and does 100 of the exercise listed below and the other runs to the first light and does 2-burpees, then does a movement below to the next light, does 2 more burpees and runs back to relieve your partner and you take over where he left off on the count to 100. 

SSH’s, LBC’s, Monkey Humpers, Flutter Kicks, Alt Shoulder Taps, Bobbie Hurley’s, CDD’s, Mountain Climbers, Low Dolly’s, and Apollo Ono’s (100 each with partner) 

Light to light movement: After the 2 burpees, then: lunge walk, bear crawl, side shuffle, Super Mario Bros, Karaoke, Crab Walk, Inch Worm which turned into a new variation due to the ice and snow….it was more of a slide worm! (Then 2 more burpees and run back to relieve partner) 


Keep your partner and do 15 leg push downs lying on your back as your partner pushed your legs down to the ground and you can hold their ankles to help, switch, and then do some big boy sit-ups with your partner holding your feet for 25, then we finished out with ABC’s and Rancid Style Sarpy Slammers. 

Announcements and prayers: 

Upcoming 3rd F opportunities: (See Slack 3rd F channel for details as we have quite a few opportunities available right now. Abide Omaha Thursday 1-4 PM and then Saturday 9-12. Heartland Hope coming up on 3/26 from 9-12. 

Prayers for all of the PAX and family members struggling with various illnesses and issues right now. 


From the sermon I heard yesterday, it was from Luke 4: 1-13 when Jesus was suffering in the desert for 40 days and nights with no food and being tempted by the devil. The message here for us today is to be aware of the times that we are tempted by the devil to do something that might appear to be fine in moderation, but in excess it becomes an issue for ourselves and our families and friends. My recommendation is to share your vices with your shield lock and your close friends and let them hold you accountable to avoid these temptations. Find ways to avoid the traps that the devil sets for you. 

Wentworth ended in prayer 


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