Oracle 7am Beatdown

Saturday March 5th 2022


55 degrees and beautiful

PAX: House Party, Borlan, Superhost, T Swift, Vandelay (Respect), Wait Time (respect), Doppler, Roll Bar, Hei Hei and Cheapseats

Cheap Seats welcomed 9 HIM to the 7am Oracle.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo.  Kudos to Hei Hei, Vandelay and Wait Time for doing the double beatdown

The PAX moseyed west along the main Boystown Road to the first roundabout to perform warm-a-rama.


Warm-a-rama was led by my main man Vandelay as we were both tag teaming the double workouts.  Vandelay led us in some YOGA stretches by the roundabout which consisted of downward dog, upward dog and several other yoga poses (I don’t remember the names: ) )

We then broke into groups of 3 and did the classic running in between stations and to warm up.  One PAX would run while the other did exercises (air presses, sun gods, butt kicks and high knees).  We did this for 5 minutes to complete warm-a-rama.

Thang 1:  The PAX then moseyed along Norton Drive and arrived at a part of Boystown we haven’t worked out before.  The PAX partnered up to complete 11’s up and down the hills on Norton Drive.  One end was Bonnie Blairs and one end were Merkins.  All the PAX completed and then we did a long mosey to the small hill near the practice football field. 

Before we started Thang 2 we all circled up and performed a crowd pleaser (a personal favorite of mine).  We went up to 5 and then back down the ladder.  Exercises consisted of 1 merkin to 1 groiner, 2 merkins to 2 groiners and so on until you hit 5.  Some of the luck PAX got to do this twice if they do the 6am workout as well.  The only saving grace is at 7am we did up to 5 and at 6am we did up to 7 : )

Thang 2:   The PAX then performed 11’s again on the hill we arrived at after the long mosey.  I asked Borlan to pick two exercises and he obliged.  We completed 11’s with morrockin nighclubs and air presses.

Several of the PAX were gassed after this round of 11’s so we all decided to walk about 5 blocks together for people to catch their breathe.  After we walked we then moseyed the rest of the way back to the flags

Post Thang

Arm-a-rama – this exercise was introduced by my downrange friend Sandbag in KC.  All the PAX circled up and we did arm exercises for 3-4 minutes.  The goal of this workout was not to bring your arms down past your shoulders.  If we did, we would end of doing burpees.  Keeping your arms raised we completed a variety of sun gods, air presses, steel claps and raise the roofs.

Once we finally completed this I still decided to have the PAX do 5 burpees.  Those were the only burpees completed in both the 6 and 7am workout.  Your welcome Vandelay : )


Running out of time we decided to complete 2 rounds of rancid style hammers totaling 20.

Announcements Prayer Request

Several Prayer requests for Pothole’s mother and Swipers Dad who recently passed away.  We prayed for Paisley and successful surgery this week.  Doppler want a prayer of gratitude given our current circumstances going on in the world.  Borlan asked for prayers for her daughter Rya who was going through some Core expedition training.

We also gave a shout out to all the 4x4x48 runners completed the Goggins challenge over the weekend and gave a shout out to Swiper and his 1 year anniversary.


COT was all about character.  I shared with the PAX my recent struggles living out good character.  They say your true character is shown when nobody is around or looking.  I’ve been struggling with bad mouthing people at work recently and felt my character was in question.  I was having internal battles with how to solve this.  As I looked around the circle I saw House Party, Borlan, Superhost, T Swift, Vandelay (Respect), Wait Time (respect), Doppler, Roll Bar, Hei Hei, all HIM of great character.  I challenged the men there that morning to continue to lead and show great character in everything they do.  I promised then I would continue to improve!

Lastly, I shared a recent text I received from Band Camp that I thought was spot on with how F3 affects men.  Reading it made me feel proud of what this organization has brought to Omaha.  Thank you Wait Time

Band Camp – “I agree! A regular gym I would have missed days already on my first week. The fellowship and people are simple amazing. The environment is so welcoming.  The people draw you back and bring with it Faith exposure I get on days other then Sunday.  I will see you tomorrow. Thanks for this!”


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