Honestly, I don’t remember signing up for this Q. Perhaps a weak moment? Or Roadhouse is just one hell of a salesman. Either way, my goal this day was clear…. to make sure I wouldn’t be invited back to Q again anytime soon. Challenge Accepted!

25 Pax: Escobar, TatorTot, Ozark (respect), LiteBrite, Duracell, SmashMouth, Khakis (respect), Vandelay (respect), Chiclets (respect), Saul, ArmBar, WaterBoy, BigOne, Roadhouse, FNG-OneHit, Skidz, Ferdinand, Farva, Wentworth, SlowPiiiiiiiiiiitchhhhhhaaaaaa, RoomService, Shrute, Skipper, WaitTime (respect), and YHC – Firewalker.

5:00am PreRun

A handful of finely tuned pax emerged from the dark of night into the glorious gloom for a pre run. There may or may not have been some crazy pax pre pre running…. because they could! Shout out to FNG and new guy Derek who showed up to pre run. He found us on Twitter and was now taking part in one of the three worst, nay, best pre runs in F3 Omaha!

5:30am Beatdown

“This is it, don’t get scared now!” At precisely 5:30, FW welcome the pax to F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. The 5 Core Principles were executed as if they’d been rehearsed – or at least heard – a thousand times. FW informed the pax that despite anything they’d heard, seen or read, he was most definitely not a professional…. and in fact this was my first ever Q…… at Trident. Pax were encouraged to modify if necessary and that injury – either physical or mental, was a real possibility from this point forward.


A very short mosey to an open area of the parking lot. FW lead the pax in a quick warm up.

⁃ 10 SSH IC

⁃ 10 Hillbillies IC

⁃ 10 Don Quiotas IC

The Pre-Thang that became the Thang

Pax paired up and we took off into the gloom. FW had a route planned with the goal of keeping the pax together, stopping every quarter mile to do some burpees, encourage one another and decide if FW would be getting a Christmas card this year – hint….the answer appears to be a FIRM NO!!! One pax held plank while the other completed ten jump over burpees before they switched. Pax held plank or Al Gore until the last group was finished. We ran 1.5 miles and stopped five times. FIFTY burpees if you’re counting. The mumblechatter was strong this day. Heart rates were high. The Love of burpees filled the air.

We returned to the shovel flags for a short four stations. Pax number off 1-4. 1s did 15 Jump Tucks and 15 Squat Jumps and were the push group. 2’s did amrap merkins until their arms fell off. 3’s did amrap Air Quats. Roadhouse spiced things up a bit and did Sexy Air Squats – images have been removed as they’ve been deemed unsuitable for small children who may find this BB. 4’s did amrap LBCs. Due to expert planning and a precisely executed workout, pax only endured one round of FWs ring of smoke.


Sarpy Slammers – Rancid Style, 25 was the number of the counting – no more, no less! (15 arbitrary bonus points awarded to the pax who read this and enjoyed that movie reference!). See list of pax at beginning of BB.

Announcements & Prayer Requests.

⁃ Prayers for a friend Lindsey who passed from cancer.

⁃ Prayers and praise for Lindsey & TruckStop for a clear post-surgery lab!

⁃ Prayers for Paisley’s Open Heart Surgery


“You ever ask a man how he’s doing and he says, “I’m alright”.

I’m here to tell you, that man is not alright. That man is battling demons you cannot even possibly imagine.

That man is struggling. Every. Single. Day. To find a reason to keep going.

And the reason we sat we’re alright is because as a man, nobody really F cares what you’re going though. So why even bother to say it?

But you know what? I feel ya brother. Because, I’m alright too”.

FW shared about the pax of F3, really caring about how our brothers are doing. Over the past week I’d asked a number of dudes how they were doing. The number one response…. “I’m alright.” FW encouraged the past to ask, how are you doing, really. Look them in the eye. Listen to their body language. Truly care.

FW led the pax in prayer. He was moved by the prayer requests, the pain of loss, the praise of answered prayers and the anxious waiting and prayers for healing for Paisley!



PS. I am fairly confident this BB will be posted well before BigOne posts his long awaited, and overdue BB.

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