02/26/2022, 6:00am | The PIT | Omaha, NE| Very light snow, 6mph wind. 12 degrees, feels like 2 degrees.

                                                          “Live in the Moment”

# of PAX:  16



Pre-Pre-Run: Firewalker, Zorro, KOA


Pre-Run: Firewalker, Ear Tag, Squeaky Clean, Ferdinand, Short Sale, Borat, KOA, Zorro


KOA welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the mission to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.  We had no new FNGs, however we were expecting 2. 

KOA went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3. 

1) Open to ALL men.

2)  Always Free. 

3) Always held outdoors

4) Lead in a rotating fashion

5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). 

6:02-6:08am           Warm-O-Rama

PAX moseyed to the non-sanctioned baseball diamond in the south greenspace of Hallek Park. We performed 15 Mountain Man Poopers, 15 cherry Pickers, 10 Big Ones, 15 Windmills, and 10 Sungod’s forward and backward IC. We also performed some high knees, butt kickers, Super Marios, Lunges, and Karioke across the infield to warm up. This concluded the Warm-O-Rama.

6:08-6:26am           Pre-Thang

PAX moseyed over to the baseball stands but first circled up. We alternated standing forwards and backwards and performed Maverick Merkins in a pyramid sequence. PAX switched after each set and then performed the same number of dips together. We continued to alternate between Maverick Merkins and Dips in this process in the following manner.


PAX were worn out after this sequence. Adding the 25 reps was the perfect amount. 30 would have been way to challenging and 20 would have been too few. Coordination at the beginning was difficult, but once we got going things proceeded smoothly.

6:26-6:50     The Thang

            PAX moseyed out to the shovel flags, counted off into groups of 4 and then moseyed to their appropriate stations around the duck pond. The following rotation was completed twice for each group.

Station 1

15 Thrusters

15 bicep curls with squat combo

15 American Hammers with the coupon IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC

Rinse and Repeat

Station 2

15 Carolina Dry Docks

15 Bobby Hurley’s 

15 Frozen Freddies IC

15 Groiners IC

Rinse and Repeat

Station 3

15 Hand-release merkins

15 Bonnie Blairs IC

15 Heels to Heaven IC

15 Plank Jack’s IC

Rinse and Repeat

Push Group 15 Burpees

Omaha was called and we moseyed back to the shovel flags.

6:51am          Mary

We completed Sarpy Slammers rancid style. We counted off 16 PAX members. We then went into Name-o-rama. The following member were present for a total of 13 PAX members: Icy Hot, Short Sale, Duracell, Ear Tag, Q Tip, Skidz, Chernobyl, Gobbler, Girl Dad, Ferdinand, Gipper, Firewalker, Borat, Squeaky Clean, Irish Car Bomb, KOA.

Announcements/Prayer Requests: 

  • PAX asked to pray Smash Mouth and his family, Paisley and her upcoming surgery.
  • PAX asked to remember the 12 in 22 at St. Wenceslaus followed by coffeteria at Cataracts Sunday morning 5am 13.1 and 6am 10K.
  • PAX reminded about Third F opportunities going on right now:
    • Foundation Poker Tournament tonight. Contact Mufasa.
    • Thanks to those who donated at the blood drive.


            KOA began speaking about work life balance. This is something he struggles with on a regular basis. Realistically, however, he has found that there is really no such thing as a good work/life balance. Rather, somedays you are a much better husband and father while others you are much better in your job and extracurricular activities. Throughout the pandemic, KOA has found that the most important thing about balance is trying to just live in the moment. Rather than bringing work home, constantly answering emails or filling out charts in the presence of his M and 2.0’s. Likewise, KOA has also tried to not bring home issues to work. He tries to avoid constant communication throughout the day. He tries to communicate ahead of time what his day looks like to prevent confusion and help everyone around him plan. He has really tried to separate the two. This has certainly turned out to improve his sense of control. Living in the moment is important so that people feel like they are important and valued. We need to continue to find ways to remove distractions and live in the moment.

We ended with a prayer to Sky Q by Squeaky Clean.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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