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Weather: BALMY 34°F

Chernobyl arrived to site at 4:54 to see a dozen HIMs standing around. Initially he thought he missed his own beatdown, but there were a multitude of pre-runners and pre-beatdowners. Chernobyl decided to get some extra work in and joined the pre-beatdown with BetaMax, Wentworth and Golden Pike which included too many murder bunnies and enough laps around the park to feed our cravings. Chernobyl quickly prepped for the beatdown to come.

5:30​Opening & Warm-O-Rama

Chernobyl changed things up a bit and decided to deliver the F3 mission statement and core values on the mozy to the Warm-O-Rama. Every minute was precious and decided to be as efficient as possible. The PAX jogged to Inner Rail / HDR building for some stretches.

Hamstring Hangs – 20 seconds

Swimmer Arm Stretches – 10 IC

Squated Butterfly – 10 seconds

Butt Stretch – 15 seconds each side​

Alternating Back Twists – 10 IC

5:34​Pre-Thang – Let’s get heated

Everyone was ready for get moving so the PAX split up into groups of 3. One man went to the top of the stairs, one man at the bottom and another near to the stairs at the ready. At the go, the bottom man completed AMRAP Merkins, the top guy completed AMRAP Air Squats, while the man on the stairs relieved the man at the top. Things got a bit chaotic since Chernobyl didn’t plan for as many HIMs that showed, but a pre-thang was accomplished, albeit messy.

5:45​Thang – Reactor Overload

The PAX were begging for more so we returned back to the park area while PAX remained in their groups to attack the next exercises which included:

50 Mowers (25 L then 25 R)

50 Brick Release Merkins

50 Coupon Curls

50 Overhead Squat

50 Kettle Swings

All exercises were done in sets of 25…TOGETHERWITH YOUR GROUP…nothing IC. After each 25 set, PAX members ran across the field and backwhile each member completed 5 Maverick Merkinsat evenly set markers along the way. A few members were heard grunting and puffing and walking which brought an eerie grin to Chernobyl’s lips. His was was nearly complete, but not before Mary’s. Chernobyl’s group barely finished before calling OMAHA.

6:05​Mary’s – Abominable Abdominals

The group circled up for some serious Mary actionwhere we enjoyed a pyramid of Flutter Kicks, Freddy Mercurys and Raised Toe Touches. A total of 7 sets were completed starting at 5 of each exercising and increasing by 5 up to 20 before returning back down to 5 again. We finished with a round of Sarpy Slammers to get a head count on the day. PAX members were spent and Chernobyl was elated. His work was almost complete.

6:10 Name-O-Rama

6:12 COT

Chernobyl shared stories of Nugent and his difficulty holding back emotions as he learned of Nugent’s life and impact on this earth. Chernobyl shared the most impactful interview passages he found during his online research.

Ed Servais (head coach) this loss is senseless, you know, Chris should have lived another 50 years. … He could have done a lot of good for a lot of people.”

Jonas Dufek (teammate) “I mean, I have a daughter. If she came home with a guy like Chris Gradoville. That’s exactly the type of person… having kids it’s made me soft… but that’s exactly the type of guy I would love to have in the family,” Dufek said.

CJ Perry (Head Coach of Whitworth Baseball program) “There was a time where we were in the offseason, and he flew back to Iowa for two weeks to help a family friend with the harvest, because somebody was sick or injured,” Perry said. “He just cancelled everything that he had for two weeks, took two weeks off of work, flew back to Iowa and just worked a combine for two weeks. So, I think his legacy was just helping those who needed help. The legacy Gradoville leaves behind at Whitworth and beyond is one of caring and investing deeply in the people you meet and leaving a community better than you found it.”

Nugent left a legacy himself similar to what the entire F3Nation is attempting to do. We need to remind ourselves of what our legacy needs to be and one of the best ways to show that is to offer a helping hand wherever it is needed.

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