March 1, 2022

39 degrees no breeze,

PAX 14

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Pre run was stitches and blades of glory.  Blades got the full experience of Shirley street as Blades felt like throwing up as he got to the top of Shirley.   You could hear Blades huffing away but Stitches was accustomed to this beast of a hill.  Made it back with plenty of time to spare because I think PR 5k blades would have started His watch.   7:10 average… according to Stitches.  dammm..

Blades wasted no time when it was 5:30 he welcomed the current guys who were there.  There were still some cars pulling in but they made it over by the time he stumbled through the following…..

Mission, 5 Principles, moto, probably won’t like me during the next 45 min, modify as needed, LET’S GO!!!  ANd yes we had a Friendly New Guy… (thanks FDIC for brining him out)

Warma Ramma in the grassy knoll about 25 yards away from the flag.  

10 SSH IC, 10 High Knees IC, 10 Butt Kicks IC, 5 Inch worms, started to do some yoga stuff but chickened out so made our way to the MainStage even though it was Tuesday and we were at Stinson park.  


At the stage we found a wall and did Balls to the wall stuff.

18 chicken peakers.  (Said 20 but his voice went high a little early)

10 count rest

30 count balls to the wall

Then more moved to the south side of the stage where we….

Army crawled or as I called it gator crawled. “How far?” they asked.  Blades wasn’t sure either so he  went until he could go no further.  Then the pax flipped over and did the crab walk for about 20 yards.   By then Pax had a spread on the field and wanted to get the group back together as we were slowly making our way to the splash pad/tower.  

Blades told the guys to line up and did the 5 leap frogs (big jumps) and 1 burpee.   Cornhusker handicap pax members are smart.  Blades of glory says something and they “get it”.   Or look at the guy next to them and get it.  It’s great. 

Continuing with the 5 big jumps (Leap Frogs) then 1 burpee for about 8 sets until  big jumps looked like a skip.

Let the Pax know we were now moving on to the tower.  There Blades of Glory gave them Round 2 of the Balls to the wall (20 Chicken Peakers, 10 count rest, 30 count balls to wall)

Realizing the pax was loose and ready for the thang we headed back towards the shovel flag and Blade’s speaker.  

Thangs consisted as follows. 

50 Walking Lunges (each leg Counts, down and back)

50 Air squats

25 burpees (box jump) or just get your body over the mini wall

25 V-UPs or big boy sit ups

Rinse & Repeat

Beaver was out of the gate by Polaroids wasn’t going to let him get too far ahead.  I think the rest of the pax  was slow and steady wins the Rinse and Repeat.  As the pax naturally partnered up with someone about their pace and some member chatter was going on as we listened to the ads on Blades of Glory Pandora station more than actual music.  

Called Omaha close to 6:05 because we have a FNG!!! 

But first Mary,

25 Frozen Freddies IC

?? LBC  IC

15 Flutter kicks IC

Circled up and did Namorama.  

New Guy “Robes Homes Junior” Age  H 30  48 46 Final answer 46.

FDIC brought FNG out so Blades moved him to the middle of the circle as Blades suggested telling us something interesting about yourself…..   And then for 2 min he was telling a story about how he picked out a ring at the mall across from game stoppers and the experience of it.  Eventually we started asking more specific questions about him, but Blades of Glory got stuck on the ring store and was all set for “Jared’s”  Because this FNG “told us the entire story of how   “He went to Jared”. 


Friday Lunch.. At inner Rail (March 3) 

Friday Happy hour  Jukes in Elkhorn 

Prayer for Beavers mother

Ukraine, Safety, 


I don’t get it,  but F3 Omaha has been so accepting, so thank you.  Even Q ing at a place Blades of Glory hasn’t been to (actually second time).  Love it.  Gave a quick update on my life and how I might have temporarily lost some things but I have gained the f3 family..  Blades also encourage guys to ask him how he is doing or other people in their lives.  He recently listened to Sasquash on the Gloom and really took to heart hearing Sasquash pain of losing a child.  And the fact is people knew about it and talked about it, prayed for him but not a lot of people asked him personally or sat with him.  We get it’s very uncomfortable, so many of us can not relate but we can be there for them and as uncomfortable as it is to ask how are you doing. It really means a lot. It’s a new Glue for the Gloom, you won’t know how to truly relate but I am sure there are people in your lives we can check in on and ask “how are you really doing?”

FDIC took us out in prayer.

Blades of Glory…

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