3/2/22, The Coop of F3 Omaha

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Weight Time, Chiclets, Ozark, Jeeves, Vandelay,=RESPECT

PAX: (non respect): Tater Tot, Toadstool, Huffy, Hotdog, Tin Cup, Gunner, Pig Pen, Safe Ride, Stella, Sister Act, Landsbury, Jack Rabbit, Waterboy

5:30am: Greeting, hugs/handshakes, mission statement, core values

Stinger instructs the PAX that he plans on moving a lot today and that he needs them to pay close attention and hustle and takes off on a solid paced mosey.

WOR: Imperial Walkers, High Knees, Sun Gods/Calf Raise, Goof balls, Cherry Pickers, SSHs, Bobby Hurleys-10, Monkey humpers-10IC, Alt shoulder taps-10IC, Tempo Merkins-10IC, Merkins-10

After a fast paced WOR Stinger leads the PAX on another brisk mosey to the tennis courts. Upon arrival they hear the sweet sounds of 90s rock jams but are anxious to see what happens next. Stinger divides the PAX into two groups and has them run, shuffle, back peddle and shuffle the tennis court lines for 5 rounds. With heart rates about optimal Stinger leads the PAX to the hill between the Swanson school building for yet another high rate challenge.

Pre Pre thang: PAX is instructed to run to the top of the hill, do 3 burpees and return to the bottom for 10 air squats. Rinse and repeat. After about 7 rounds of this Stinger can tell the PAX is good and warm;) after a 10 count the PAX is lead on yet another brisk mosey to the open field at the dark park

The Thang: Stinger instructs the group that they will be doing 1 exercise together at one end of the hill, when completed they will simply run to the other end of the hill (175 yards) to complete one exercise before running back for 1 exercise before they return for one more. Pretty simple right? In concept maybe but not so much physical application.

First set exercises: 20 SSHs IC, 20 Monkey Humpers IC, 20 Fred Mercurys IC, 10 Burpees, 20 Groiners, 20 Werkins

Second set exercises: 20 LBCs IC, 20 Merkins, 10 Burpees, 20 Big Boys, 20 Jump Squats, 20 Carolina DD

With panting and mumble chatter high Stinger leads the PAX in 10 more jump squats before calling Omaha at 6:03. The PAX moseys for the 5th time back to the shovel flags for 6MM

6MM: Low Dolly-15, Heels to heaven-10, LBCs-10IC, heel touches-10IC, American hammer-10IC, Pickle pushers-10IC, Groiners-10

6:08: Omaha is called

COR, NOR, Jeeves changed his F3 name today to “undercover Jeeves” he didn’t hesitate either, just the vibe he was feeling and throwing out.

Announcements: Our loyal and competent comes correspondent Safe Ride dropped the bomb on the many happenings of the F3 omaha PAX like the boss he is!! First Friday lunch this week-Flagship Commons, First Friday Happy hour-Jukes Aleworks, 4x4x48, Jack Rabbits Beat the Street run. I’m missing a couple

Prayers: that’s between the PAX and the Sky Q

COT: (Summarized) Lent, the Christian tradition, of taking the 40 days before Easter in preparation started yesterday. It’s a traditional and customary to give up something in sacrifice for 40 days. Food, drink, TV, something big, something small it doesn’t really matter. Stinger also informed the group that the tradition calls for people to not only give up something but to give something. Time, money, patience, kindness, forgiveness, compassion. No matter what your creed is if any its good to ask ourself sometimes what do we need to focus on giving up and what do we need to do to give in a bit. Stinger asked the PAX to spend some time thinking about that today. Give up/sacrifice, give in/act of kindness PAX. I am and always will remain in service of the PAX.


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