PAX:  Barbershop, Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Tee Ball, Barn Door, Pit Stop, Blades of Glory, Obi-Wan, Crab Cakes, BoVine Nelly, Dakine, Fine Print, Slapshot 

Q: Truly

Weather:  6 F, slight breeze. 

Pre-Runners came running in after a nice stroll.  Others assembled.  Go time.  

Truly called 5:30am.  I had a Jerry Macnamera (#3 Syracuse) jersey on to set the tone for my hoops flavored beat down.   Welcomed PAX as “Ice Ice Baby” started up.   Gave F3 core values, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.   Stated it was a field trip day, and with Warren G – Regulators now the tune, the Pax started a .5 mile mosey up to a nearby School.  Along the way we stopped in a residential neighborhood for warm o rama.  This allowed for some late arriving Pax to catch up to the heard.  Which was important, because I was taking the PAX to a place never seen by the typical Maizers.  For the final jog to the basketball court at Ronald Reagan Elementary, we switched over to Gold Digger by Kayne.   


  • Got to the courts of Ronny Reagan – famous for Millard streetball.  To celebrate, I hit the song Jump Around by House of Pain.  And all us PAX did just that.  We jumped…. Hands in the sky… Like weird Wisconsin football students after the 3rd quarter – For about 2.5 minutes.  Got the calves activated.  
  • Then shot free throws for up/backs.   Some missed (BoVine, Obi-Wan).  Some made (Barbershop, T-ball).  Either way, we ran the length of the court about 15 times.   
  • Then did some defensive shuffle cross court.  Touch the floor!  
  •  And listened to Wanna Be a Baller by Lil’ Troy and I wish by Skee-Lo.  

The Thang: 

1 minute drills on the turf football field near the playground.   

Each exercise had a new tune. 

  1. 1 minute of burpees – Jumpman/Drake
  2. 1 min Air Squats – Still D.R.E. 
  3. LBCs – Country Grammar/Nelly
  4. T-Merkins – Party Up/DMX 
  5. Bobby Hurleys – In Da Club/50 cent
  6. Flutter Kicks – O.P.P./NBN
  7. Alternating Lunges – Gin and Juice / Snoop 
  8. Kobe Bryants – Changes/Tu Pac

Last song was Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and we ran the .5 miles back to shovel flags.  


Kicked up some Hammer Time and we rocked out 2 rounds of American Style Hammers.  

Omaha! at 6:05am sharp.  

Prayer Requests –Al Borland’s son Callum.   Irish Car Bomb’s daughter Paisley.   And for Pit-Stop’s M who was battling some ailments as well.   

COT: No Regrets

The basketball drills, the music – took me back to high school and college.   Which reminded me of the time I passed my year book around my Senior Year.  Everyone passed it around the entire high school to write a note to me before I went away to college.  “Everyone” in Petersburg, NE equated to about 49 people.  I know… I know.   When I got my yearbook back, plenty of nice notes, good things.  But to my surprise, also some notes from people stating that they wish I had been nicer to them.  Had respected them more.  Had been more of a leader and less of a follower.   That hit me hard!   It was time to reflect then, and I still think about it now.   What kind of person was I?   Was I the guy that piled on to a vulnerable kid?   Better to join the crowd than stand up for someone in need.  I didn’t like it.   Going forward into to my 20’s, 30’s, and now 40’s, and I always want to be a better leader.  A better man.  I want to do what’s right, not what’s popular.  I’m not always good at it – but that mindset keeps me centered.  

I asked the PAX, what do you regret?   Do you have any active regrets right now that can be fixed?   It might be fixing a recent argument.  It may be talking to someone you haven’t spoken to in many years.  But whatever it may be, fix it if you can. Fix it if it’s worth it to you.  Fix it if it’s worth it to someone else.  What kind of person are you?  Do you like it?  If you don’t – strive to fix it.  

See you in the Gloom, 


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