March 2, 2022//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//37 degrees//

Pax: Cyclone (respect!), Safe ride, Bloodshot, Doll Face, Golden Pike, Samples (respect!), Betamax, Toadstool, Smashmouth, Q-Tip (respect! respect!), Suds (respect! respect!) , Super Tasty, Blackjack, Stella, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The mission statement, the 5 core principles, the moto, and the disclaimer were all shared. Play was pushed on the Awesome Mix of Southern Rock, and Folsom lead the PAX to the stage where they circled up for Warm O’Rama.

Red Bull Warm O’ Rama approx. 10 minutes

  • Mountain Climbers x15 IC
  • Hill Billy Squats x15IC
  • Shoulder Taps x15IC
  • Don Quixote x10IC
  • Willie Maze Hays x10IC
  • Cherry Pickers x15IC

The Thang: Gimme Three Steps

Folsom took the Lynyrd Skynyrd song and turned it into 3 monstrous pain stations. Around 10 minutes were spent at each station. 1st the hill behind the station, (farmers carry to the) 2nd the benches on the east side, (farmers carry) and 3rd the playground.  We got through the first 2 stations about a 1/3 times in the 10 minutes. The final station, the abs was done twice before closing with Weighted American Hammers Rancid Style for a total of 15IC.

1st Station:  The PAX partnered up. While 1 partner bear crawled up the hill, the other performed the exercise AMRAP until the partner moseyed back down the hill, then the partners switched. The exercises: Bent Over Rows, Chest Flies, Curls, Dead Lifts, Up Right Rows.

2nd Station:  The PAX got new partners and grabbed a bench. While 1 partner did 20 step ups in cadence, the other performed the exercise AMRAP, then the partners switched. The PAX performed the following exercises: Dips with weight in lap, Romanian Split Squats left leg, same but on right leg, Incline Merkins, Squats to bench.

3rd Station:  This station was done together as a whole group. Folsom had the PAX circle up and began with the PAX to his left. Folsom picked the exercise, but let the PAX leading it pick the number of reps. The Exercises: Weighted Sit ups, Weighted Bridge Ups, Weighted V Ups, Weighted Flutter Kicks, Chill Cut Dumbbell Touches. 

COT: On the last day of February, I had a conversation with my GF, who is normally a very positive person, about how March is one of my favorite months: The weather usually starts to turn nice, there’s St. Paddy’s Day, and, of course, the greatest sporting event of all time, March Madness. My GF countered with why she didn’t like March: the weather is usually crappy, it can snow, football and volleyball are over, and she likes May much better because she gets done with school then. While neither of us really disagreed with each other, we certainly disagreed about March. I guess I saw March for all it’s good parts, while she saw all the negatives. Be a March is half full kind of person. Because if you really think about something, you can find the positives in almost anything.

Aye- Folsom

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Heavy Metal

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