The Colosseum AO | Tuesday, March 1, 2022| Westside High School | 5:30 AM | 37 degrees

PAX (21):  Sister Act, Samples, Vanilla Ice, Black Lung, Sven, Swinger, Sandbag, Flowers, Hot Dog, Betamax, Doppler, Warren G, Ice T, Super Tasty, Hat Trick, Tin Cup, Bloodshot, Oom Pah, Landsbury, RoboDog (FNG) , YHC (Q-Tip)

QIC: Q-Tip

First of all, T-Claps to my brother, Samples, who was my MVP of the day.  He selflessly cut short his pre-run to drive home to get keys to the school so YHC could use the bathroom.  (Who knew that I would have “pre-Q jitters”)?  Without him, this back blast might be telling a different story. 

I greeted the PAX as they arrived.  I am sure most of them assumed a Double Respect-aged Q would take it easy on them, but I apparently surprised a few PAX today. 

Promptly at 5:30 AM, I welcomed the PAX, recited the Mission, Core Principals and Credo.  We had an FNG (RoboDog) this morning.


PAX moseyed around the track and circled up at mid-field for WOR.

SSH x 15 IC | Cherry Pickers x 15 IC | Tappy Taps x 15 IC | Imperial Walkers x 20IC |Monkey Humpers x 20 | Mountain Climbers x 15 IC


We moseyed to the East Bleachers.  We started with 20 Dips IC, sprinted to the top of the bleachers, did 5 burpees on our own, and ran back to the bottom.  We repeated this process 2 more times.  Black Lung was already starting to show out, leading the PAX on each lap.

THANG: “8 Rounds”

An acknowledgement to Ferdinand.  He used this work out a few weeks ago at the Sanitarium.  I liked it a lot, so I stole it from him.  Plagiarism is accepted and encouraged at F3.

PAX returned to the north goal line, and I explained the format.  PAX would ‘sprint’ to the opposite goal line.  (“Sprint is a relative term.  It means one thing to Black Lung, and something different to everyone else.). There we would perform 40 Merkins/40 Air Squats/40 Freddy Mercurys.  Each exercise was led by the PAX in a rotating fashion.   Then we sprinted back to the opposite goal line and performed 35 Merkins/35 Air Squats/35 Freddy Mercurys.  We repeated the sprint/exercise combinations, decreasing the reps by 5 each time, until the 8th round, when we did 5/5/5. 

Omaha was called at 6:05 AM


LBCs x 15 IC | Box Cutters x 15 IC | American Hammers Rancid Style x 21 IC


We welcomed an FNG to F3–RoboDog

First Friday luncheon this week, followed by cocktails later in the afternoon.  See Slack for details


Scoober has a knee injury and will be on the Bruiser list for a while. 

Also, prayers for the 2.0s of our PAX who are facing medical issues. 

Prayers for both


Each week I spend an hour in prayer, and I always read a meditation from a booklet I’ve had for years.  One section of that meditation always stands out to me:

When we consider the vast reaches of the cosmos

the incomprehensible forces at work in each moment,

the numberless stories of each life,

the millions of forgotten ancestors who preceded us, the untold acts of kindness which occur each day,

We humble ourselves.  We keep silence. 

When I reflect on these words, I realize we are each a microscopic piece of the universe, and we are also a combination of the DNA from our parents, grandparents, and “millions of forgotten ancestors.”  Yet we are uniquely known by our God.  On one hand, it is humbling, but it is also reassuring to contemplate that we are each unique and loved. 

Tin Cup finished with a prayer.


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