PAX: Gobbler, Truck Stop, Swiper, Ear Tag, Goose, Flowers, Double Dip, Irish Car Bomb, Animal House, Belding, Mulch, Skidz, Levy, Baby Shark, Schrute, Sweet Roll, Fun Dip, Duracell, Echo, Borat, Feeny, Ferdinand, KOA, Styx, Chernobyl (Q)

Weather: BALMY 50°F (Site Q Gobbler is suspect of this temperature claim)

5:15      Chernobyl opened up the beatdown with F3 mission statement and core values.

5:20      Head to football field and start with a half lap around the track before Warm-O-Rama

            Hamstring Hangs – 20 seconds

            Tappy Taps – 15 IC

            Sitting Butterfly – 15 seconds

            Moroccan Nightclubs – 15 IC

Chicken Wings – 15 IC (Hands over head then bend to armpits. Rotate outward for the exercise).

            Alternating Back Twists – 10 each side

5:25      Pre-Thang –Wheel Barrels

Get in groups of 3. First two people do wheel barrels from goal line to the 40 yard line. Other PAX member is doing walking lunges along side. At 33 yard line switch. Repeated this cycle 4x.

5:35      2nd Thang – 100 yards of Slalom Bear Crawls

Get into 2 groups. Each group will do the same exercise. Space out about 2 yards about from the goal line down the field. The last person will slalom around each PAX member holding a plank. Once the person has passed them, they will continue down the train until the PAX has gone down the entire field.

On the way back, Bernie Sanders to the 50 yard line, do 5 burpees, then side shuffle the remainder of the field back to the goal line.

5:45      3rd Thang – Bleacher Work

Mozy to top of bleachers. Get into pairs. One partner completed 25 Derkins & 25 Dips while other running stairs.

5:50      Mary’s

            1 Big Boys, 5 American Hammers

            2 Big Boys, 10 American Hammers

            3 Big Boys, 15 American Hammers

            4 Big Boys, 20 American Hammers

            5 Big Boys, 25 American Hammers

Announcements: Blood Drive February 25th. Check out Slack and WhatsApp for Google Doc Sign-Up. Project Paisley, keep ICB in prayers.

COT: Chernobyl shared several quotes about Humility and how important it is to live for others.

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