PAX (20): Merit Badge, E85, Bovine, Rooster, Dome, U-Haul, Rancid, Demogorgon, Buns of Steel, Streaker, Oahu, Polaroid, Dollface, Side Dish, Gunner, Frosty, Wiley, Othello, Two Step, Sister Act

Q: Sister Act

Getting out of the car at 0500, YHC could tell it was going to be a great morning. Awesome temps, a killer AO, and U-Haul to help place cones and lights right at my side. We moseyed around to the different locations, set things up, and moseyed back to the Shovel Flags. Three BA men made ran up the hill to the flags after completing the Smurph, and it was clear they pushed hard this morning – nice work, brothers! PAX kept rolling in for the 0530 beatdown and there was a good feeling of excitement in the group. There certainly was with YHC! Welcome, mission, principles, and disclaimer were given, and we headed to W. 

WARMARAMA: PAX did this not too far from shovel flags

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 Tappy Taps
  • 10 Tater Taps
  • 10 Big Ones IC
  • 10 Pickle Pushers IC (since we’re at Ironwood, naturally…ahem)
  • 10 Windmills IC
  • 20 Goof Balls IC

PRE-THANG: After W, PAX moseyed to south to the hill that was the location of YHC’s near-Merlot experience at his very first workout with F3. PAX counted off in threes for a hilly grinder that kept the heart pumping!

    • Sidewalk on top: alternate Sumo Squats AMRAP and Merkins
    • At lights on bottom: alternate burpees and alternating lunges

THANG: PAX ran to “The Gauntlet,” a row of double trees that served as a perfect path. Keep same groups, go as a group, leave no man behind and no man where you found him

– run through the Gauntlet, run up the bridge to half way point, back down to where groups are

– groups are AMRAP the following while waiting to go their turn

– LBCs

– Bobby Hurleys

– Ranger Merkins

– Freddie Mercurys

– Carolina Dry Docks

– Copperhead Squats

– Box Cutters

– Overhead Press

– Bonnie Blairs


  • Buns of Steel led us in the 4, 3, 2 point planks
  • E85 led us in Frozen Freddies
  • American Hammers rounded us out

We moseyed on the walking path back to the shovels, circled up, and did Namarama. YHC was impressed to see so much picking up the six this morning. It’s inspiring to be part of a group that truly cares for their fellow brother! Nice work!


PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS –  ailing kids of F3, U-Haul school, Side Dish, Demogorgon (fender bender), Ukraine/Russia


Thought about these two materials, and realized that both of them are great reminders of things that can really help us. First of all, IRON is something that needs to be put through fire to become a sharp and strong tool. Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of fire in recent years – and even tho it’s painful at times, those crucible moments have helped me refine who I am and what I want to be like as a man. Iron also sharpens iron, and I’ve been sharpened by several of you guys in my time at F3. 

NOTE: if you have not opened yourself up to being sharpened by another man, I challenge you to get an accountability partner or a shield lock. My current Queenservice shield lock has been awesome!

I’m struck by the wood side of things because wood is so useful! Strong enough to build homes, able to be thin enough to be a reed in an instrument. But wood takes time to grow. It’s doesn’t just appear – it has to grow like everything else. Wood reminds me that if I want to be useful – be a HIM – I need to always be growing. There have been times in my life where I’ve allowed myself to just be – and not to be challenged to grow. Those were not productive times! 

So be IRON – strong, sharp, and refined in fire. And be WOOD – useful, mature, and always in state of growth!


Sister Act

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