PAX: Ditty, Nelly, Legolas, Shingles (Trophy Winner), High Life, Chernobyl (Q)

Weather: COLD!!!!


5:30​Chernobyl opened up the beatdown with F3 mission statement and core values.




​Hamstring Hangs – 20 seconds

​Tappy Taps – 15 IC

​Sitting Butterfly – 15 seconds

​Moroccan Nightclubs – 15 IC

Chicken Wings – 15 IC (Hands over head then bend to armpits. Rotate outward for the exercise).

​Alternating Back Twists – 10 each side




Split into 2 groups. Each group did all exercisesat that location together. When finished, walking lunges to next station. PAX completed each station twice.


​1 – Playground

Inverted Rows (Swings) x 15

​​Pull-Ups x 15

​​Merkins x 25

​​Murder Bunnies 20 yards / Rifle Carry Back


​2 – Wall

Chicken Peckers x 15 IC

​​Wall Sit x 45 seconds

​​Toe Touches with Legs Against Wall x 25

Barbell DeadLift x 10​


​3 – Shelter

Bicep Curls x 15

Table Thrusters x 10

Big Boys x 20

Shoulders Super Combo (Use 5 lb or 10 lb)

Lateral Flys x 10

Forward Shoulder Rotation x 10

​​​Upright Bent Arm Back Fly x 10

​​​Overhead Press x 10

​​​Alternating weighted punches x 40


Announcements: Blood Drive February 25th. Check out Slack and WhatsApp for Google Doc Sign-Up. Project Paisley, keep ICB in prayers.


COT: Chernobyl shared a COT about Joy and the importance of testing yourself mentally, physically can help ride the chaotic parts of life to help maintain moments of Joy. Material provided by QSource and Chernobyl attempted to recruit PAX to attend the next QSource meetings.

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