The following 15 HIM embraced the suck: Wentworth, Vanilla Ice, Samples (RESPECT), Splinter, Rollbar, DaVinci (RESPECT, RESPECT), Paramount (HATE), Black Lung, Blue Chip, Club Car, Waterboy, Honey May, Slow Pitch, Bloodshot, & YHC, Doll Face (RESPECT)

The weather, although cold…, it was warmer than the last two days at O5-Dark thirty. 

Time (CST)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind Direction
5:30 AM571.38-2.230.445NNW

Warm-a-rama: At Shovel Flag

Air Drama – 15

Frozen Windmill 12 IC

Cherry Pickers 20 IC

Pickle Pushers 20 IC


1st Stop: Front of School

Angle Grinder – 10 8 Count IC

Monkey Humpers – 20 IC

Eagle Wings – 10 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC each direction


 2nd Stop: Between School & Church

Ascending Curb Crawl – Bear Crawl ½ across the road between Church and School – 1 Derkin, Bear Crawl to the middle of the road and back to the curb – 2 Derkins, Rinse and Repeat until 1 HIM completes 10 Derkins (Black Lung finished first and saved the rest of us from collapsing)


3rd Stop: NW Alumni parking lot at the wall.

Triple Check – Teams of 3.  1 HIM wall sits, 1 HIM planks, 1 HIM runs to cones across the parking lot, returns and relives the wall sitter, everyone rotates until all 3 have completed each position.  Teams who finish first will plank until the 6 finishes.


4th Stop:  – Shot put field at SW corner of school grounds

Groups of 2, pair up and first set of cones.

Each pair completes 100 Merkins

1 HIM Merkins, 2nd HIM Lunge walks to 2nd set of cones and returns

Flapjack until each team reaches 100 Merkins

 After Lunge walk, 2nd round HIM will bear crawl to 2nd set of cones and back until 100 Merkins are reached.


5th Stop:  Parking lot SE of the football field

Apple Turnover, Bear Crawl 3 parking spaces, flip over, then Crab Walk 3 parking spaces, until we reached the building wall under the West stadium bleachers.


6th Stop:  Middle of the football field, 50-yard line.

Someone had provided us a lengthy bench, and the Q decided of doing some dips instead of finishing with some Mary.  50 Dips completed the Beatdown.


At any one time, it is believed that one in eight men (12.5%) are diagnosed with a common mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The reasons men don’t talk about the things they “bear”:

‘I’ve learned to deal with it’ (40%)

‘I don’t wish to be a burden to anyone (36%)

‘I’m too embarrassed’ (29%)

‘There’s a negative stigma around this type of thing’ (20%)

‘I don’t want to admit I need support’ (17%)

‘I don’t want to appear weak (16%)

‘I have no one to talk to’ (14%)

3 signs a man is battling his demons

1. They work a lot, they keep themselves busy all of the time.

2. They stay up late and distance themselves from other people

3. They use the phrases, I’m good, I’m OK,  or I’m alright. With no emotion.

Please know that the Circle of Trust isn’t just here at the beat down.

If you are willing and can mean it from your heart, repeat after me:

In your darkest hour

When the demons come

Call on me brother

And we will fight them together!

Please keep an eye out for your friends and sad clowns in your life.  Let’s pray!

Prayer Requests:

Splinter’s son’s surgery next week

Jr Warrior Basketball tryouts – kids and parents

Kids dealing with stress and other mental issues growing up these days

Black Lung’s father’s health

Other PAX’s 2.0s:  Paisley & Callum – for healing

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