AO: VIDLAK’s Café 

Site Q: Father Time

Date: 02/26/2022

Weather: Room Temperature

PAX that participated (19): Mufasa, Jim(FNG), Rich(FNG), Beaver, Retweet, Wait Time (Respect), Spreadsheet, Road Kill, BetaMax, Cheapseats, Escobar, Blue (Respect), Maaco, Sasquash, Nick (FNG), Rowdy, Yogi, Yodel, Flowers,  

Crowd Pleasers:  Blades came in hot like usual to support, Ketchup made an appearance aroundhalfway through and donated half the entry fee to the Foundation.  Our Site Q, Father Time was cooking up food for Sunday brunch like a champ!  Thank you, Father Time, for the use of your café.  

Q: Mufasa

At 6:00, Mufasa picked up Jim and drove to Rich’s house where Cheapseats met us with his truck to transport 3 Unbelievable but very heavy poker tables for our event.  Rich also had all the chips, cards, cupholders, etc.  Thank you, RICH.  When he posts, his nickname will be TEDDY KGB.  Please reference the movie Rounders if you don’t know what am talking about and if you have never seen this movie, let me know the next time we see each other, and I will drop a coupon on your head.  We arrived at Vidlaks about 6:21 and Father Time was ready for us and opened up the Café for our use and we set up all the tables, chairs and chips and waited for ourfellow PAX to arrive.  As the HIM arrived, I made sure everyone paid their entry fee.  

At 7:15 Sharp, I thanked everyone for coming (That’s what she said) and stated I wanted to do this weekly but would most likely be wifeless if that would happen.  I did state, I would like to host more of these events throughout the year.  Explained that half would go to the F3 Omaha Foundation and the other half paid out to three winners.  Beaver kept mentioning throughout the night, that I said, the other half would go to one person however Beaver doesn’t really understand what I meant, but it didn’t matter as I knocked him out early on with a KING ON THE RIVER BABY!!  I also explained that there was a Bounty on the head of one person.  Obviously with the amount of BS I mumble chattered, the bounty was on my head.  So, whomever got to bust me, would get half of their entry fee refunded.  I then gave the floor to Wait Time to further explain what the F3 Omaha Foundation was all about and the great things we are doing. 

At 7:25 I separated the 19 HIM onto 2 tables at random.  Escobar wanted me at his table so he could knock me out, but he would have to wait for that.  At about 7:28, I yelled Shuffle, up and deal and we started in on the first F3 Poker event.  Immediately Escobar asked for pizza.  I will say Escobar becomes a different person outside of the Gloom, he was very demanding.  Reminded me of my 11-year-old when he was 2.  So, at 7:48 with the help from Blades of Glory, we ordered 4 pizzas, (2 Hamburger and 2 Pepperoni) from Piezons which is right across the street and is way better than Johnny Somethings. Blades also picked up said pizza at 8:30, Thank you Blades of GLORY!!  Many PAX members noted that Piezons was a hit and that this is way better than Mama’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars,and Johnny whatevers.  

As the night went on, mumblechatter was getting thick, especially with Rowdy who also wanted me to join his table so he could knock me out and grab the bounty.  Rowdy and Escobar were smack talkingamongst the rest of the PAX as well.  Escobar kept mentioning he should get home because he kept mentioning it.  I think most wanted to send him home, but he kept sucking out hand after hand.  Cheapseats who didn’t drink a drop, was unusually LOUD.  If he hadn’t been knocked out so early, I think he would have taken the nickname away from Patrick Collins and been coined the Duke of Douchebag if he would have stayed in longer.  Our former Nantan, Wait Time, who stated he hadn’t played poker in years, and it was apparent since he had a poker hand cheat sheet in front of him the whole night.  It seemed like he kept going all in and kept coming out smelling like roses.  The FNG Rich, complimented Yodel on his accent way too many times.  We are unsure if Yodel liked it or was annoyed because it was Yodel, and he does have an accent.  Cheapseats was being loud again.  The night proved that we all are a lot different than a 5:30 beatdown.  I heard Beaver talk for more than 3 seconds.  To be honest, he didn’t stop talking the entire time.  During the game, I thought Gator was in our presence because Beaver asked a trivia question, which was “how much would it cost to sail a container ship through the Panama Canal.”  The answer was $1,000,000!  Thanks for that bit of useless knowledge Beaver. Some PAX will probably say I was very calm, and I will admit, I was being a little anal as I told the PAX, to not Splash the pot at least 14 times and to keep their bets in front of them.  Trust me, it just makes things easier.  Rowdy kept talking.  And then Rowdy kept talking.  1 by 1, PAX started getting knocked out and eventually we went from 2 tables to 1 table of 10.  My boy BLUE became the permanent dealer and helped speed things up even more.  As the clock hit 10:00PM, things really started moving along.  There was a 4 way all in with me included and Retweet earned the bounty of knocking me out with a Full house.  However, since Retweet is a HIM, he turned around and donated the bounty back to the F3 Omaha Foundation.  I retweet, “however since Retweet is a HIM, he turned around and donated the bounty back to the F3 Omaha Foundation.”  I think this started something. Around 10:30, the night was coming to an end and Jim-FNG, Escobar and Rowdy were the final three.  There were talks of chopping the pot 3 ways, but this was squashed, and we played on.  2 hands later, Jim was knocked out and he was awarded the 3rd place prize.  Just like Retweet with the bounty, Jim who has committed to coming out to a future beatdown, earned the title of a HIM and donated his prize to the F3 Foundation.  After this occurred, the 2 that were left, Rowdy and Escobar, decided to chop the remainder of the pot and end the tournament. Escobar again mentioned he needed to get home for something.  No one knows what it was but be sure to ask him on Monday if you see him.  Both Rowdy and Escobar followed in the footsteps of Retweet and our FNG Jim and donated their prize money to the F3 Omaha Foundation.  In the end we raised $1,562!! We had several HIM help with clean up and called it a night.  It was a lot of fun and great fellowship, and we really appreciate Father time for opening his Café to support this cause and my addiction.  

SYITG! – Mufasa

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