2/25/2022 The Armory 

Weather: 3 degree / -9 Feel like 

9 PAX: Lincoln Logs (Respect Respect), Ketchup, Obi One, Barn Door, Blades of Glory, Tea Party, Phantom Menace, and Gump


5:31 Gump welcomed the PAX to F3 at The Armory. Explained F3 is Fitness Fellowship and Faith, Mission Statement, explained there are 5 Core Principles then proved it.  Explained the F3 Credo and stressed the disclaimer that Gump is not a smart man nor a professional and to modify as needed to avoid injury to self or others around him.


PAX ran to soccer field for Warm a Rama consisting of Big Ones, Sun Gods forward and back and Side Straddle Hops all in cadence to 10.


Pre Thang – There was a need to warm the group up quickly on a cold day so we started 11’s on the soccer field.  10 Merkins / 1 Burpee  run approx. 40 yards and back. 9 Merkins/ 2 Burpees, Repeated until 1/10.  It wasn’t long before it was no longer could outside. 


The Thang – Split into 7 groups for stations around the softball field.  The group running along the perimeter of the fence was the push group. The other 6 stations completed as many reps as possible until pushed.  Station 1, 1st  base Frozen Freddies, Station 2, 2nd  base Mountain Climbers, Station 3…. Wait for it…… 3rd base  Flutter Kicks,  Station 4 Home Monkey Humpers, Station 5 Bleachers  Dips ,  Station 6  Bleachers Derkins.  We were able to get around all stations one time before calling OMAHA at 6:07


PAX ran back to shovel flags.  Completed 6MOM – Gator Spears 10 on left 10 on right,  Rosalitas 20 IC moving directly into Flutter kicks and holding 6 inches.  Finished with American Hammers Rancid Style.



Ketchup gave us some positive health news about his family

Prayer Requests: 

  • Tea Party requested prayers for his kids/family as they had to put their family dog of 14 years down.
  • Blades of Glory requested prayers for an upcoming family matter


COT: Gump explained a lot of issues he has been thinking about lately and questioning a lot of things he has never questioned before in his life. Just a lot of things going through his head and trying to figure things out. He explained that his favorite thing about going to F3 was hearing COT’s just in the last week that resonated and impact his life, Tballs message about “getting to do things rather that having to do things” Gators message about “sometimes just dropping the rope can release a lot of the stress we are carrying” Plagues message about “stop trying to control and God will open up opportunities”. The messages Gump hears at all locations are just as impactful as the physical workout. Going to F3 has made him a better person physically, mentally and emotionally. That is the importance of surrounding your self with positive and good people. It is said that you will act and live like the 5 closest people you hang around – so choose carefully.


Gator led the group out in prayer

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