Friday, Feb. 26 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | -11 Wind Chill

PAX (20): Superfly, Honeymade, Chiclets (Respect), Armbar, Griswold, LPC, Truly, House Party, Skipper, Hard Hat, Ozark (Respect), Toto, Wait Time (Respect), Speed Square, Pantyhose, Nailed It, Q-Tip (Respect, Respect), Weezie (FNG), Grillz, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

It was a beautiful morning and man o’man was I excited to be back at the Hardest Working AO. As I pulled into the parking lot, there were a plethora of vehicles as there were several pre-runners, all had lovely frosty beards. Then there was our man Q-Tip (Respect, Respect) that continued his tradition of Rucking TO the Combine. I had nothing to set up today as I planned on having the men move around a lot so I sat there in my warm car waiting for the early birds to return, and the other PAX to show up. Our man Grillz showed up with an FNG on this brick cold day which was awesome to see. As the clock struck 5:15am, the Men were al chatting and I wasn’t mad about it. So I calmly went through our welcome and introduced our FNG. I forgot the disclosure, but nailed everything else.

I first instructed the men to find a partner for the morning and we were going to head to the track for a warm up lap then all meet together. As we took off on the snow covered concrete oval, I was quickly greeted by one of my favorite voices in the gloom, Mr. Beefcake himself, Chiclets (Respect). I was then lucky enough to land him as a partner. As everyone arrived back at the entrance to the track, they started to circle up like we were going to do Warm-A-Rama. As my man Griswold knows, these are overrated. We had a lot of work to get in and time was minimal so we got straight to work.

Station 1 – 100 Merkins between the Partners

While to the ear this may sound like a lot, the couples were all done in less than 2 minutes each. As we finished, it was time to take off on a mosey. We left the track and ran through the parking lot to the northwest side of the school where you will find a nice oval roundabout.

Station 2 – Political Grinder: Partner 1 Bernie Sanders around the circular drive while partner 2 held in an Al Gore stance. Upon arriving back at the wall, the partners would switch.

We performed 2 full cycles of this before we took a teeny-tiny mosey to the west side of the school where some of the men were greeted by a large hill they apparently had never experienced before. If my memory serves me correct, it was Nightcrawler that first introduce this steep dandy hill to us.

Station 3 – Partner 1 runs to the bottom of the hill and back up to replace partner 2 who was doing American Hammers (AMRAP).

Each group had the pleasure of climbing the hill twice before we took of on another mosey. This time we headed east around the south side of the school to a short, but terrifying hill. While I have done this multiple times as a Tabata, today we were going to do this as a 2-man grinder.

Station 4 – Partner 1 Bernie Sanders up the hill while Partner 2 performed Monkey Humpers (AMRAP) until they were relieved.

We completed 3 rounds and there was plenty of groans and complaints. I have yet to host this and not receive negative feedback, which is good. We then all climbed this lethal hill and headed south down the sidewalk and left Kiewit Campus as we were taking a mosey down 156th St. When we arrived to Leavenworth St., we waited for a handful of cars and then crossed east heading into the neighborhood. When we reached the bottom of the hill, we took a left to head back north to what I refer to as Folsom Hill. In all my days as the Site-Q of the Hardest Working AO, Folsom was the first one to take us off campus as he had an 11’s workout planned for us on the worst of all the hills. While we all galloped to the bottom of the hill next to Cottonwood Elementary, Nailed It came in with style as he slid down the hill on his knees as the nice snow covered allowed him to flow freely down the hill like an 12-year old boy.

Station 5 – Partner 1 ran up and down the hill while partner 2 performed exercises, then they would continuously rotate.

  • Exercise 1 – Burpees
  • Exercise 2 – Bonnie Blairs
  • Exercise 3 – Werkins
  • Exercise 4 LBCs

Time was of the essence as YHC knew we had a nice jaunt back to Combine, so at 5:48am, “Omaha” was called. I then instructed the PAX that we would take the same route as from the CSAUP a few weeks ago. We took off north until the road curved back to the west and landed us back on 156th. We carefully crossed the road to return to the flags. The men seemed satisfied that they received what they came to The Combine to experience. As the final man returned, we jumped right into NOR.

Name-O-Rama: Superfly was clueless off the bat, frost was covering everyone, there was a lot of Respect, and we had an FNG on this incredible cold morning

Announcements (Plethora): Hard Hat led the way with the 4x4x48 next weekend. Toto jumped in on the Polar Plunge. We covered Mufasa’s Poker night, and then Sweet Sweet’s opportunity to volunteer at a basketball tournament this weekend.

Prayers: Continued prayers for Jamie, Karly, and Callum!

COT: Its no secret that I love Q-Source. I had originally planned on having trivia questions at each station today that related to Q-Source (Gator Style) and I had the perfect questions lined up. When I arrived and felt how cold it was, my goal was to make sure we didn’t stand around. So I scrapped that. I have often spoke about the word we throw around a lot that so man guys don’t realize what it means, IMPACT! While this is meant from a collision standpoint to initiate movement and eventually create acceleration, the acronym is just as important as it relates to Living Right: Influence, Missionality, Positive Habit Transfer, Accountability, Correction, and Targeting. Targeting is our topic today at Q-Source and while every subject we cover is important, I personally feel this is the most important one because of it’s intent for us as leaders. Omaha is a very special region in F3 and I feel like we are very different than most F3 Regions because of Impact we have on each other and in our community. It is incredible to see what we have accomplished over the last 12 months and it all comes back to Targeting. (I then shared the following passage from the text):

  • The Joy of Serving by seeking Advantage for others bolsters a HIM’s commitment to consistently and deliberately place himself behind his Creator and Community – what F3 calls Living 3rd. It results in the type of spiritual awakening that both inspires a recovering alcoholic to carry the message of AA to other alcoholics and enables him to continue practicing its principles in his own affairs. By focusing on the sobriety of other men, the alcoholic finds his own sobriety is easier to maintain. In this way, the Targeting is akin to the 12th Step of AA. It is what moves a man beyond himself to what Maslow describes as the very highest and most inclusive or holistic  levels of human consciousness. It is what Christ called the greater love, the laying down of one’s life for his friends. To Target is to give the greatest gift a man can provide, the freedom to move beyond himself into his High Impact Zone for it is only that he will find true Joy.

We are all on our own journey through F3 and some guys are simply working on themselves and their fitness right now. A lot of guys have moved into the Fellowship phase where they are experiencing a tremendous amount of Impact from one another. In the last 6-8 months, we have seen the incredible transformation in many men has they have grown into a mission driven life and have taken what they are passionate about, and are truly experiencing the 3rd F. My encouragement to you all is that it doesn’t stop there, and that is what Targeting is all about. While F3 calls us all to be better men and find our way to Impact our communities, the final step is for us to identify other men to help them find their mission in life. I ask that you explore for yourself what is the Ultimate Life Problem you are trying to solve, then move on to helping other men find that for themselves as well. Thank you for the opportunity to lead you all today.

I took the PAX out in Prayer in a Ball of Man!



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