February 22, 2022 | The Helix – Be a good sport! | Hillsborough Park

PAX:  Wentworth, Kill Switch, Sparty, Blanks, House Party, Toto, Mulligan (Respect), Slap Shot, Romeo, Black Flag, Pantyhose

Q: Truly

Weather:  -2 F, and -15 F with wind chill.  Light snow and cloudy skies.   Wind 17-20 MPH out of North

Pre-Runners came hauling in from an artic trot.  I was on that pre-run and maybe it was my tired legs; maybe it was the weather, but whatever it was… I thought it was the hardest pre-run I’ve ever had!  Only 3+ miles… felt like a marathon.  Others seemed to excel more than I. 

Truly called 5:30am.  Welcomed PAX as “Ice Ice Baby” started up.   Gave F3 core values, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.  Started .5 mile mosey around the part to basketball court for Warm o rama.  Ice Ice Baby turned over to Warren G’s… Regulator.  This was a playlist I had prepped for The Maize… but became handy when I was called into duty to sub for Birdman. 

Warm o rama:

  • First things first… the run to the court was not fun.  But everyone dug deep and we made it!
  • Side Straddle Hop x 10 IC
  • Tappy Tapps
  • Big Ones
  • Sun Gods forward.  Sun Gods backwards.
  • This seemed to be more than enough as the snow and wind beat the PAX down while standing still. 

Pre Thang:

  • 10 in 60.  PAX assembled on baseline of basketball court and did 60 down and backs in 60 seconds.  
  • Defensive Shuffle.  PAX moved to side court with back facing North (due to the gale force winds) and did a shuffle cross court and back.  1 minute.  
  • Kobe Bryant to a 24 count I.C. 
  • Short mosey to back of school for some wind break and transition into the “The Thang”

The Thang:

Did some “You call It” exercises to some old school rap. 

Truly started by calling for 30 dips on some benches.

Followed by 30 Derkins.

From there each PAX member was called on for an exercise.

Austrailian Mountain Climbers from Romeo really got the PAX going. 

Other exercises called were: 

Bonnie Blairs,


Imperial Walkers


Big Boy Sit Ups

Tempo Merkins, 

…. Among others. 

We did Mary up and out of the wind instead of by the shovel flags.   I Q’d up MC Hammer – “Can’t Touch This” – and we did 3 rounds of American Style Hammers. 

Omaha! at 6:00am sharp.  PAX ran the .5 mile trail back to shovel flags with mostly wind at our backs this time. 

Prayer Requests – Had a moment of silence for Al Borland’s son Callum, who was set for surgery in Memphis on this day.  Other prayer received was for Irish Car Bomb’s daughter Paisley.  

COT: Be a good Sport

I asked if everyone had seen or heard about Juwan Howard punching (well…. Slapping) another coach.   Most said yes.   I mentioned that there were many discussions going on about Sportsmanship.  Like the handshake like.  People were asking if shaking hands with opponents after a game is necessary.   I’m hopeful we don’t scrap all signs of sportsmanship because 1 coach lost his temper 1 time.   But more than that single event, I wanted look deeper into the definition of Sportsmanship.    “Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest.”   So aside from sports, in the game of life I urge everyone to be fair.  To be generous.   There are a lot of topics these days that we all don’t agree on.  But that doesn’t mean we have to lose the ability to have good treatment towards our fellow humans; our fellow Americans!    I went on to display a graphic of sportsmanship over time.  Sportsmanship peaked in 1931!   I steady decline from there until it hit bottom in 1987.   I blame this low time on the Detroit Pistons, and more specifically Bill Laimbeer.  The “Boy Boys” introduced hard fouls and the “no hand shake”.   BUT – sportsmanship made a comeback and had a little peak again in 2008.   We’re on the slide again.  But let’s do our part as HIM go get us back to 1930’s level RESPECT!

See you in the Gloom,


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