F3 Stands for Fellowship, fitness and faith

5 core principles

-Heald out doors

-Lead in a rotating fashion

-Open to all men

-its Free

-Ends in a circle of trust

I am not a professional so modify as needed

Warm -a- Rama– Tappy Taps 15- moroccan night club 15-side straddle hops 20- Mousy to the Wall 1)PARTNER WORK 120 Chicken peckersPartner AMRAP: AB Alternating lung jumps20 donkey kicksPartner AMRAP: Partner Ranger merkens  20 chicken peckersPartner AMRAP: AB gas pumpers2 ROUNDS 

2) PARTNER CARRY 2 (Field)

Partner Carry 100

20 Burpees

Partner Carry 100

2 rounds

-Air-squat to the SIX

3) FINAL PARTNER jog 100 yards 20 burpees



1: Meditate : time to pray, clear your mind – Samurai would do this before battle

2: Develop Your Warrior code:  F3 (Fitness Fellowship and Faith)

3: Train your body:

4: Eat Healthy

5: Serve others: make your home, work better because you are there

6: Practice Mindfulness: LET GO OF THE PAST, stop worrying about the future, focus on the present

7: Foster Creativity: Play with your kids. FIND a home project to work on.  Paint a room

8: Keep Learning:  Growth Mindset

9: Strive for Mastery: Find discipline in your field of work and in your home

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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