Mess Hall  “Bert”

Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022

Swanson Elementary School 

30 degrees ish,

Pre-Run: Griswold, Blades of Glory.  Opted the 5k option

PAX:Romeo, Black Flag, Casmo Gator, Roseta, Grisswald, Brazilian, Huffy, Obi wan, Blades of Glory.

QIC: Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory welcomed a total of 10 PAX to the Mess Hall.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer, and Credo(the fast version). 5 principles  Men, free, outdoor, rotate, cot

Warm-A-Rama:  stayed by the flags and did this.  

15 Side straddle Hop  IC

10 High Knees IC

10 Butt Kicks IC

Inch worms


Did a lap around the school.  

5 burpees

10 Merkins

15 walking lunges

20 Air Squats

15 walking lunges

10 Merkins

5 burpees.

Thang:   Encouraged full range for everything and if you need to stop and rest it’s okay.  Not a race it’s you getting stronger and better.  Modified if needed.  Run: mean running around the school and then continue beat down.


50 Burpees           Run

100 Merkins          Run

150 Walking lunges    Run

200 Air Squats         Run

150 Walking lunges  Run

100 Merkins           Run

50 Burpees          Run

No we did not finish the entire Bert but we did get about half way.  Good thing the other half was the same as the first half.  


15 LBC IC, 30 Frozen Freddies, 15 Big Boy, American Hammer Rancid style 10 IC



And there was more but when you don’t do your back blast right away and takes notes you forget stuff.  


I have been thinking about the 3rd F.  Faith and where I am at.   I am learning that it is Journey it isn’t Law and life isn’t always how you want it to go.  I have spiritually struggled with my “soundtrack” as well so I have been saying in my affirmations.

I am done with religion .  But I love my relationship with Christ. Because it is always developing and changing.  As I get to love myself more I also love God more.  I am enough, cause Christ is enough.

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Obi Wan Prayed us out.  

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