0 degrees F, we were all out of degrees this morning

9 Pax total in attendance today.  Doppler, Mother Goose, Club Car, FDIC, Oompa, Blue Chip, Biff, Gunner, and YHC, Kill Switch

YHC Started with the mission statement, the principles and the obligatory, “don’t sue me please”, then we went through the fence maze thingy and started


Breaking the Rusty cage

Listen to Johnny Cash playing Rusty cage

Side-straddle hop until Johnny says rust, then do a burpee.  When the beat changes, switch to imperial walkers and do the same

And run a lap around the track following that fun.


2 man grinder

1 pax runs to the 50yd line and back

The other exercises until the first gets back and then you flap jack.

150 – raise the roofs

150 – unicycles

150 – squats

150 – T-pushups

The speaker failed to work from the temperature about halfway through the pre-thang, so I switched over to my phone speaker.

The Thang

Iron sharpens iron, man.  We split the pax into 2 groups, with group A starting at station 1, and Group B, starting at station 3.  Do the exercises at that station and then move to the next.

Pain stations

Station 1 –

Push group – 10 burpees

Station 2-

10 broad jumps

10 jump tucks

10 side straddle hops

Station 3-

10 merkins

10 werkins

10 Carolina dry docks

Station 4

10 flutter kicks ic

10 box cutters Ic

10 Freddy Mercury ic

We made it around 2 circuits before Omaha was called at 6:05

Name o rama

(my phone dies, leaving me to rely on my memory from this point forward)

Announcement and prayer requests

-Keeping our hearts with the people of Ukraine, and those experiencing anxiety locally because of it.

-Wishing Oompa and his family patience during the grief of the loss of his father.

-Keeping Al Borland’s Callum in our hearts as he recovers (last news was great!  They got discharged today)

-Keeping Irish Car Bombs Paisley in our hearts as she endures


Rust comes from neglect or inaction.  Boxers get ring rust after they haven’t fought in a long time.  If you someone hasn’t played an instrument in a long time, they say they’re “Rusty”.  Rust isn’t always visible.  Sometimes it’s buried in places you can’t see, and gets ignored, but it’s still there.

VCI – stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor.  It’s one of the products my company offers, and it is an additive to packaging products like stretch film and bags that either prevents or eliminates rust.

I’ve worn this shirt to several beat downs, because I feel like that is what f3 is.  We are eradicators of rust.  Before joining f3, I feel like I  had about 3 inches of rust on me.  Through persistence and the continued support, I’m slowly grinding that part of me away.

Just like working on an old farm implement, it’s easy to remove a lot of rust to start, then as you get further in the process, it takes more effort and persistence to get rid of the rest.

The common saying in f3 is that iron sharpens iron, which is absolutely true, during the beat downs for sure, but we cant forget about preventing rust.  Reach out to your brothers, commit to posting and follow up after they show up.  Be that volatile corrosion inhibitor.  Remove and prevent the rust.

We’re going to be in spring soon and a ton of FNGs are going to join our community.  They have rust on them and we need to commit to help them commit to bringing out that shiny metal I see in all of you.

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