2 degrees and around -11 with the windchill  (This should be the last of the cold weather negative windchill for a while…)

When I pulled into Springfield around 4:45, I saw about 5 pre-runners heading up Main Street.  I had some prep work to do in order to get the 4 stations all set up with the toys that I had borrowed from Roll Bar and I had to get the tires and coupons from the Robins Nest building.  First issue that I ran into was the coupons were frozen to the ground, you know it’s cold when… This issue lead to my first audible of the morning which I was prepared for with extra paper and sharpie.  I was able to get 2 coupons from the pile of 12 which is what that station will have for a rifle carry.  Set up included battle rope, DB’s, sandbags, and some tractor tires to flip.  So much for a pre-run, this set up took the whole time.

17 HIM: Black Flag, Tater Tot, Baby Shark, Romeo, Sweet Roll, Skidz, Ferdinand, Gobbler, Khakis (R), Icy Hot, Slow-Pitchhhhhh-A, Schrute, Pit Stop, Escobar, Tony the Tiger, Yogi, and Echooooooo.  (Interesting side note that only 2 HIM were at this Q and my last one at the Battlefield about 2 weeks ago.  I love meeting different PAX members from all of the AO sites and I try to travel around to different sites.)

Q: Wentworth

Warm-O-Rama:  SSH’s, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Groiners, Wind Mills, and Sun Gods

The Thang: Split the 18 PAX into 3 group of 6 for a station to station beatdown.

Group 1 started by the west end of main street with a station that had 2 – 60 # sandbags

2 PAX do 10 sandbag burpees which means throwing the sandbag over your head and then flipping around for another burpee

AMRAP for these exercises with some built in mumble chatter

Flutter Kicks, Alt Shoulder Taps, Apollo Ono’s, Hand Release T-Merkins, and Bobby Hurley’s

Random ?’s for mumble chatter were:  Who inspires you? Favorite sports team?  Tater and Black Flag both like the Vikings.)

Group 2 was at the corner of main street by the Robins Nest store

Coupon Rifle Carry up main street about 25 yards and back

SSH’s, Groiners, Tempo Squats, Mountain Climbers, and Sun Gods

Random ?’s What made you smile yesterday?  Favorite restaurant in Omaha?  (My favorite is Mahogany Prime and I have only had to pay twice, all the other times have been for work dinners, which is probably why I like it more.)

Group 3 was down the road with the battle rope around a telephone pole and 55 # Dumbbells for a Farmer’s Carry which always seems appropriate, but especially at The Farm!

Squats, CDD’s, Lunge Pulse, Plank Jacks, and Low Dolly’s

Random ?’s were What song would you use for Intro Music?  What brings you out to F3 on a cold day like today?  (Found out that Tater Tot actually did have “walk-up” music when pitching and it was Low Rider which makes sense…… cue up that cow bell………”All my friends know the Low Rider….”  Tater was joking that the other team was usually more excited about him coming to the mound than his own team was……here comes some runs boys!  Reasons for coming out this morning ranged from “last really cold day, FOMO, been out of town this week, knew that we didn’t want to let anyone down.”

Group 4 was behind the Robins Nest and this was the station with 2 big tractor tires, one was a little bigger than the other, but the other one was wider.  5 tire flips and then 10 step-ups or jumps.

Mountain Climbers, Monkey Humpers, Heels to Heaven, SSH’s, and Failure to Launch

I can’t remember all the questions to this station, but I am sure they were equally as good as the other stations.  Most memorable or favorite F3 workout?  One of mine would have to be the Waffle House convergence on a Heavy Metal Wednesday on the roof of the parking garage by BCBS.  I think we had 80 HIM attend and it was incredible.  That was the first time I had met Waffle House in person after hearing about him for a while.  I value my relationship with Waffle House and that is what made this workout so special and memorable for me.  Love you Waffle House!


Rancid style American Hammers followed by rancid style Sarpy Slammers

Announcements and prayers:

Upcoming 3rd F opportunities:  (See Slack 3rd F channel for details as we have quite a few opportunities available right now.

Prayers for all of the PAX and family members struggling with various illnesses and issues right now.

COT:  I came across this the other day entitled “Build it Right”from Crosswalk.com and written by Jim Liebelt

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 3:11-14

A parable has been told of a carpenter, who on the verge of retirement, was coaxed into building one last home by a wealthy client.  The carpenter was pressed by his own thoughts to put his working days behind him, so he made a decision to cut corners on the project.  He used inferior materials and his workmanship was suspect, at best.  Clearly, his heart was not in the work.  Eventually, the carpenter finished the home.  It looked good from the outside, yet the carpenter felt guilty, as he knew the quality of the home was not up to his old standards.

On the day that the wealthy client was to take possession of the home, the carpenter received word from the client, saying, “I’m aware of your reputation as a builder.  I know how hard you’ve worked for your clients throughout your career.  So, I wanted to reward you at your retirement.  I’m giving you the house you’ve just built.”  The carpenter was shocked!  If he had only known beforehand that this was to be his home, he would have built it with the finest materials and workmanship.  But, now it was too late.

This parable reminds me that we all build our lives, much like a carpenter build a house.  Our home-building materials are “what” we build our lives with and include characteristics such as faith, love, grace, mercy, forgiveness and kindness (or their opposites).  Our workmanship looks at the “how” we build our lives.  Are we living purposefully, pursuing excellence, working with all our hearts, in the name of Jesus and for His glory?  Or has shoddy workmanship been the story of our lives?  My own confession: too often I forget that I’m building my own house.  How about you?

One day, the house-building project that is our life will be completed.  And, each of us will stand before the lord and give an account for our workmanship.  Don’t be like the carpenter in the parable.  Be prepared.  Build intentionally.  Build it right.  Our motivation ought to be to hear the Savior say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Thank you Ferdinand for the opportunity to lead this awesome group of HIM.

Wentworth ended in prayer 


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