Friday, January 25th, 2022 – The Brickyard – Omaha, NE – 5:30 a.m.  Temp: 5 degrees, feels like -5 degrees.

PAX: 19 Total –Animal House, KOA, Ditty, Double Dip, Farva, Folsom, Smash Mouth, Polaroid, Beta Max, Stella, Huffy, Brazilian, Flanders, Patton, Styx, Hoser, Mullian, Irish Car Bomb

QIC: Duracell

5:30 a.m. – 

The PAX gathered at the shovel flag. Duracell covered the F3 Mission Statement: To plant, grow, & serve the invigoration of male community leadership through small workout groups.  The Credo was recited: We leave no man behind & no man where we found him.  Duracell stated the 5 core principles: Always outside, open to all men, always free, led in a rotating fashion, & ends in a COT.

Due to the temperature, we picked up our coupons & mosied to the parking cover. 

Warmarma: 20 side straddle hops, 15 tappy taps, 15 sun gods, 15 reverse sun gods, 5 slow burpees. 5 fast burpees.

Prethang: PAX formed a circle at a distance where they could place one hand on their coupon & one hand on their neighbor’s coupon.  Round 1: 20Abyss Merkins, 20 Romanian Squats right leg out, 1 Min Triceps dips 3 reps & hold for 3 seconds at the top, Code: 20 alternating knee to elbow with feet on coupon.  Round 2: 20 Staggered merkins with right hand on coupon, 20 Romanian Squats left leg out, 20 Triceps dips down for 3 count up for 1 count, Core: 15 coupon thrusters on back with hands on coupon & thrusting legs into air at 45 degree angle.  Round 3: 20 Staggered merkins with left hand on coupon, 1 minute squatting soccer touch (squat down & tap alternating feet on top of coupon), Core: Upside down mountain climbers with feet on coupon & alternating knees to chest.Round 4: 1 minute Elevator merkins alternating between top middle & bottom floors, 1 min chair/step back lunge (start in squat, alternate between squat & lunge without coming up), Core: 45 Seconds feet in coupon, hold boat position for 30 seconds & hands behind head last 15 seconds.  

The Thang:  Round 1: PAX grabbed coupon & ran up to the 2nd floor of the parking garage & back down. PAX then found a spot on the wall for 1 minute of wall walk-ups (balls to the wall position & walk your hands out to 45 degrees and back up).  Round 2: PAX grabbed coupon & ran up to the 2ndfloor of the parking garage & back down. PAX then found a spot on the wall for 1 minute of Wall Plank: horizontal position with hands on wall & feet on ground (basically a plank with your hands on the wall.) Round 3: PAX grabbed coupon & ran up to the 2nd floor of the parking garage & back down. PAX then found a spot on the wall for 1 minute of Chicken Peckers.

Core Finish: PAX grabbed their coupons & finished with 19 in cadence (3 count) American Hammers while holding coupons. 

COT: The COT was based on personal goals & the fact that by the end of February, some of our New Year’s Resolutions have maybe been forgotten. YHC shared a personal thought that has benefitted his own goal setting & achievement: Remove all self-doubt when your goal is you versus you. Expect to win. The analogy given is like booking a vacation. Once your room is booked & flight arranged, that trip is a future reality. You’re not there yet & you still have to pack your bags. The challenge is to look at your goals the same way – the steps that you need to take to reach your goals are just like packing your bags, but if you look at it as a future reality, your chances of success are greater.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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