11 PAX: Sister Act, Grillz, Waterboy, Nelly, Fine Print, Truly, Baby Shoes
(HATE), Obi-Wan, Crabcakes, Ketchup, T-Ball

Q: T-Ball

11 PAX arrived, bundled for an Artic expedition to hear the F3 Core
principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo, as well as exercise
disclaimer. No new FNGs reported or spotted on site. Bluetooth speaker
was appropriately warmed in a hooded sweatshirt to keep our spirits
warm and 90s alternative rock kept us blasting throughout 6 MOM.

Warm-o-rama: We began a quick mosey to the south endzone for
Warmorama, which included 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 15 SSH, 15 Tappy
Taps, and 10 Big Ones, before proceeding to base of the West grandstand,
to proceed with Pre-Thang.

Pre-Thang: PAX partnered up, with one partner remaining at bottom of
grandstand doing single exercise, while other partner ran up the steps to
top and ran back down to relieve partner. Exercises were completed in
– Wall Sits
– Alternating Shoulder Taps or Chicken Peckers
– Donkey Kicks
– Big Boys
– Plank

Each 2 man team completed an entire round before
Omaha was called and proceeded to move on to the Thang.

The Thang: Partners were kept and started at the goal line, running to
the North (yes, into the awful breeze). Taking a page out of the high
school football playbook, Gassers were performed by each two man team
running together and completing exercises in their group. PAX would run
out to 10 yd line, perform 10 of exercise, run back to goal line, then run
out to 20 yd line, doing 20 of next exercise, etc all the way to the opposite
goal line. Once completed, there was a round 2 waiting of separate
exercises to complete. Exercises below for round 1 and 2:
Round 1:
– 10 Burpees
– 20 Merkins
– 30 Heels to Heaven
– 40 Sumo Squats
– 50 Carolina Dry Docks
– 40 alternating lunges
– 30 LBCs IC
– 20 Werkins
10 Burpees
Round 2:
– 10 Squat Jumps
– 20 Knerkins
– 30 Mountain Climbers IC
– 40 Flutter Kicks
– 50 Air Squats
– 40 SSH
– 30 Ranger Merkins
– 20 WWI Big Boys
– 10 Boxcutters.

The lead group was able to get halfway through Round 2 before Omaha
was called at 6:04 am.

6 MOM: You Call It Abs Were Performed, with 15 of each performed: LBCs
IC, Box Cutters IC, and Frozen Freddies IC. 11 American Hammers IC were
performed to round out and finish this frigid beatdown while Mekong by
Refreshments finished at the last rep, with the line “Here’s to Life”!
Stellar timing on the part of these HIM!

Prayers for Al Borland’s son Callum on successful surgery and for Paisley
(Irish Car Bomb’s daughter), all battling various health and life ailments
and needing all of our prayers and support. Other prayers mentioned for
loved ones, apologies for forgetting names due to not keeping a log on my
phone during this, but prayers for all those struggling and dealing with
Announcements for Polar Plunge next weekend 2/26 at Zorinsky—details
on Slack, as well as 12 in 22 on Sunday 2/27 (10 k and ½ marathon options
for those interested in running). Poker Tournament to benefit F3 Omaha
Foundation next Saturday 2/26 at Vidlak’s café (restaurant will be closed,
but those attending allowed to bring their own food/drinks)–we are just
utilizing the space. $100 buy in and ½ the proceeds will go to the
Circle of Trust:
COT today was about my evolution in F3 and a theme that has been
rearing its head lately and that is pain and discomfort. Specifically, -20
windchill discomfort. My son and I went out to hit baseballs outside this
past weekend and he spent the whole first bucket complaining about how
bad his hands hurt, which led me to give him a lesson on the importance
of mental toughness, sharpening your senses, and blocking out the pain of
that moment. When you realize that others are dealing with the same
discomfort, it’s the person who can focus intensely on what matters that
will come through when push comes to shove. High school football games
were notorious for the team who all wore muscle shirts and it was 10
degrees out. Were they cold? Absolutely. But they were able to block out
pain, discomfort, and their personal wants to send a message to their
opponent, which many times was intimidating and would cause the other
team to question themselves. My journey in F3 has brought this pain out
recently. If we seek comfort in warmth and fail to look for those elements
to sharpen our reaction to adversity, we miss a great moment of personal
development. I’ve seen the direct correlation at my work, my home life
and my friendships, as well as how I deal with moments of conflict. I have
tapped into this well of starting my day with the hardest thing I will do all
day, which can lead to calmer reflection, sound mind, and giving the world
around us a harder, more disciplined and determined version of us. A
great quote that embodies this is “Prepare for adversity by practicing
adversity”. Sister Act led us out in prayer.


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