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Q: Polaroid
YHC awoke a to beautifully brisk Monday morning at Ironwood. We were going to take advantage of the only nice weather day of the week and explore the outer edges of the AO. PAX were greeted, mission statement and principles disclosed. We split into three equal groups at this point.
Warm O’ Rama
Dynamic warmup towards Dodge Street. We took off on a mosey towards Dodge. YHC called out various exercises along the way. Exercises completed included:
Butt Kicks
High Knees
Walking Lunge
Arm Circles
Cherry Pickers

Once we reached Dodge a quick warmup was done. Big Ones, Merkins, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Windmills, Wheat Pickers

Mosey to Dodge Street Bridge – Motivator completed with YHC on the cadence
Thang – Sounding Stones
The surrounding beauty or what others deem as ugly can often time blend into the environment. Today we were exploring the sounding stones of Elmwood Park. There are five stones each featuring a word of reflection – Brokenness, Reflection, Humility, Submission, Simplicity.

Our three groups each began at one of the stones, completed the listed exercise and then advanced to the next stone. Upon visiting all 5 stones a lap was completed before moving to the next stone. Most groups completed two laps.

Humility – 20x Sumo Squats IC, 20x Flutter Kick IC
Simplicity – 20x Pickle Push IC, 20x Plank Jacks IC
Brokenness – 20x Hand Release Merkins, 20x Groiners
Submission – 15x Burpees, 15x Chuck Norris Merkins
Community – 20x Ball of Man Calf Raises, 20x Partner Alt. Shoulder Taps

Post Thang
Omaha called and we regrouped. Next we would chain run as a group to the St. Margaret Mary’s playground. During the chain run the back PAX member would complete 5 merkins and then sprint to front.

At St. Margaret Mary’s we got our taste of the Murph inspired beatdown with each of our groups completing two rounds – 10 Pull Ups, 20 Merkins, 30 Air Squats

From here we stayed within our three respective groups and continued the chain run back to the shovel flag.

Polaroid shared some quotes from the initial install of the Sounding Stones. Originally installed at Turner Park these were relocated when Midtown Crossing was developed.

“The 2007 installation of each etched with a single word like “community” — prompted a mini-freakout in midtown Omaha. Petitions were signed. Lawsuits were filed. And on local TV and in this newspaper, venom was spewed.

The Sounding Stones are hideous, one infuriated citizen said. Atrocious, said another.

They will hurt our property values, said a third.

They are dangerous for children, said a Catholic priest in a letter to then-Mayor Mike Fahey.

And last but most certainly not least: Sexual predators will hide in the Sounding Stones and attack grade-schoolers, said a local principal.

At first, the Stones infuriated people, And then they simply bothered. And then, over time, they began to blend into the sliver of land. They began to feel a part of the park, like they had been there as long as the trees.”

I’ve seen these stones many time but never once have I cared to stop, understand where they came from and learn about the history. Find some time to slow down and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us daily – whether we are looking for it or not.

Closed in prayer – Polaroid

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