Title: Gym Puns

AO: Wild Kingdom

Date: 2/22/22

Q: Tonight Show

Pax: Wait Time (Respect!), Brazilian, Fine Print, Mr. Miyagi, Obi-Wan, T-ball, Cheap Seats, Sweet Sweet, Barn Door, Mufasa, Barn Door, Crab Cakes, Ozark (Respect!), Nelly, Thomas, Tonight Show


Count: 16


CONDITIONS: OMG IT’S COLD!!!! And Windy!!! 14 degrees, 16 mph arctic wind, snow falling and feels like -7

While setting up it became clear the wind was going to be a real issue.  A cinder block was used to hold down exercise sheets but even that I wasn’t sure would hold. Never mind, we are always held outside, so we went with it.

YHC welcomed a large number of pax to the slightly less dark of the Wild Kingdom. The snowfall has caused light to reflect all over and it was actually pretty easy to see for a change. The mission, core principles, and disclaimer were administered.  Pax were alerted that we would try to laugh through this as YHC had prepared some gym-related puns and dad jokes and they were sure to work out

YHC mentioned to Mufasa that a peephole had been found in the locker room wall at Lifetime Fitness.  Mufasa immediately fessed up to putting it there which was great because the police were already looking into it.

Mild giggles started, all pax lunge walked then reverse lunge walked to the middle of Rockafeller Square to begin.


  • Imperial Walkers * 15 IC
  • Don Quxotes * 15 IC
  • Morrocan Night Club * 15 IC
  • Squats * 15 on down
  • Cherry Pickers * 15 IC
  • Deconstructed Burpees
    • Squats * 10
    • Leg thrusts * 10
    • Merkins * 10
    • Leg thrusts * 10

I always want to jump rope for warm-a-rama but I usually end up skipping it.  Ozark chirped up saying we could go dutch.  YHC told him we could go with the two of us and be double dutch but he didn’t seem interested.


For the Pre-thang YHC needed to get a confession out.  I was going to stop doing bench press. Whew… That took a real weight off my chest.

  • With that YHC introduced the pax to a new merkin variation called Shoulder Tap Merkins. If you have never done a one-handed push-up this was a really cool way to get started.  You put one hand on your opposite shoulder with your elbow by your abdomen.  Spread your legs wide and perform a one-handed push-up. You can use your elbow to help get you back up again so this was cool!
  • We did 5 on each arm.
  • Then we completed 10 Rotation Merkins – As you go down cross one leg under your body and reach out with your toes to the opposite rotating your trunk. (Another good one)
  • We finished on suicide squats in a cadence of (Brazilian, Regular, Tugboat)
    • If you don’t know Brazilian is one of my favorite people in Omaha not just F3 so this is meant as no disrespect.  There were definitely some questions being raised about various pax. 😀

As we walked back YHC asked Ozark if he knew why the hamburger had gone to the gym.  Ozark is sharp and he said, “to try to get LEAN”!  Close my man, he wanted better buns! (This had my 2.0 ROFL)

The Thang

Partner up and complete the following circuits.  Partner 1 had a carry of some kind and partner 2 would do the first exercise on the list until relieved. Flap jack, then continue on the list.

*I wanted to start with lunges but realized that was a huge step.

Round 1 

Partner 1 – Milk jug carry 15 yards 10 shrugs carry back.

Partner 2 AMRAP

  • Decline Merkin
  • Split Squat
  • Elevated CDD

Round 2

Partner 1 – Overhead lunge squat down and back

Partner 2

  • French curl
  • Goblet squat
  • KB Swing

Round 3

Partner 1 – Bear crawl LBC * 15IC

Partner 2 

  • Shoulder press
  • Pistol squat
  • Curls

Omaha! was called at the very beginning of round 3.


All pax circled up (WITH THEIR COUPONS) to start Mary.  YHC mentioned to Wait Time that I had been trying out this new machine at the gym.  I used it for an hour and all I got was sick.  Yeah really, but man it had everything… Snicker, Doritos, Kit-Kats.

  • Gas pumpers * 15 IC
  • LBC’s * 15 IC
  • Heels to heaven * 10 IC
  • Frozen Freddies * 15 IC
  • Final experiment – American Block Hammers.  Get in a tight circle so there is room for a coupon between you and your neighbor. This was done in cadence.  On 1 move the block from left to right.  On 2 return to the left side.  On 3 grab the block placed by your partner and move it to the right. On the 4th count return to the left again.  We completed 9 IC.  Ketchup accurately commented this was actually going pretty well.  (YHC was legit worried about this one.

And RECOVER!  I thought we would spend more time on our ab exercises but we were in a little bit of a time crunch.

(I know, I know, I had all the jokes this morning)


Prayers for Yodel’s mom, Mr. Miyagi for transitions, Ketchup’s parents for surgical procedures in the next 48 hours, and Al Borland’s son having brain surgery today.

Poker on Saturday and several other activities.  It was freezing and YHC only allowed 30 seconds for any announcements to allow time to get out of the weather. YHC’s lips were freezing and I needed to read a COT!


I really wanted today to be fun, a little silly, accessible to anyone regardless of current physical capabilities due to injuries, and ultimately hard.  Hopefully, all of those things were accomplished.  YHC also wanted to remind people (because I need to hear it) to practice self-care as a leader.  Even if you are single, with no kids, and not a manager, you still lead yourself and that means you need to practice self-care.  Here are 6 reasons you should do that.

  1. Self-care will help you think more clearly and see things more realistically
  2. Self-care can help you recognize and reflect on what’s most important to you.
  3. Self-care can help you achieve more as a leader.
  4. Self-care can help you value yourself and be more confident.
  5. General self-care and self-care in the form of practicing gratitude can help you feel your best and be happier, which can affect how you feel about others and how they feel about you. 
  6. As a leader, by role modeling multidimensional self-care, you’re helping others see that they have permission to take care of themselves, too. 

Remember like the passenger on an airplane you must put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.


Continue to be amazing F3 Omaha!

Always proud to be part of this group!


Tonight Show

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