Dragon’s Lair / Gretna Park / 13 degrees / Real Feel 5 / N 5mph

PAX (17): Ozark, Nelly, Blades of Glory, Yodel, Gump, Cradle, Lemon Law, Mr. Miyagi, Wait Time (respect), Ketchup, T-Ball, Kobayashi, Fish Oil, Fine Print, Crab Cakes, Obi-Wan, and Gator.

With some much appreciated help from Ozark, the lights, cones, and clipboards, as well as one 50ft rope, were set out in the gloom a few minutes before 6:00am. The PAX were gathered in the parking lot and the Q welcomed them to F3. We covered the mission statement, our five core principles, the motto, and a professional disclaimer that included a warning that we would be playing Tug of War, per today’s National Day Calendar, and that there was a special risk of injury (The Q read waaaay too much about ToW, including articles about people losing body parts due to ropes being tied around said body parts). No FNGs.

Our brother and Co-Site Q Tonight Show wanted very much to join us, but was under the weather. Ozark agreed to Guest Host for Tonight Show (or as Fine Print aptly joked, “To Not Show”) for the purpose of setting up two teams:

Team Tonight Show and Team Crab Cakes. It would be 8 on 8 with the Q as the ref. Each team would take a sideline on the basketball court for…


⁃ Cherry pickers x20IC

⁃ Sun God Squats x10IC (like regular sun gods, but with squats)

⁃ Hillbillies 15 IC

⁃ Janikowski Squats x 20 (like regular squats, but “It’s Good” 🙌)

⁃ Plank

⁃ Runners Stretch R Leg

⁃ Runners Stretch L Leg

⁃ Downdog

⁃ Updog

⁃ Pigeon R leg

⁃ Pigeon L leg



Other names under consideration included “PAX got Back”, “Back that PAX Up”, and “Shake Ya PAX.” The Q settled on Dumb and Dumber, so everything worked out in the end.

Start in Chilcut, but on your knees

Right Leg

⁃ Elevated gator tails x15IC

⁃ Moon gods X15IC

⁃ Frozen Alabama ass kickers x15IC

⁃ Gator tail slaps 15 (singles on the down)


Repeat: Left Leg

Team Crab Cakes and Team Tonight Show sent one PAX in for the first question of Tug of War Trivia.

Q#1 True or False: An Egyptian wall engraving from around 2500 BC depicts the oldest known tug-of-war contest.

Both PAX correctly stated “True,” so we did 7 Merkins (not T-Merkins). Short walk from the basketball court to the hill by the tennis court.

The Thang: Tug of War is Hill

Partner up. Bernie Sanders up the hill; 5 burpees, and crab walk down while other partner does:


⁃ Janikowski squats

⁃ LBCs

⁃ Merkins

⁃ Sumo squats

⁃ Big boys

⁃ Carolina Dry Docks

Time for a TWT break!

Q#2: True or False: Tug-of-war featured in the summer Olympics from 1900 to 1920. And USA swept the podium by winning the gold, silver, and bronze medals in 1904.

Both guessed TRUE, but…

Seven T-Merkins (Wait Time pointed out that this sounds a lot like “Seventeen Merkins”)

⁃ Flutterkicks

⁃ Monkey humpers

⁃ Little Baby Dips

⁃ Calf raises

⁃ Frozen freddies


The Post Thang: Tug of War

With Team Tonight Show on the West end of the rope and Team Crab Cakes to the East, we would do a TWT question for opening ceremonies.

Q#3: True or False: The phrase “tug of war” in English was first recorded in 1598 in the play “THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA” by William Shakespeare.

The Q thought he could rope the PAX into thinking this was true, but YHC was unable to pull them in the wrong direction: they correctly guessed…

The phrase “tug of war” in English was actually first recorded in 1677, referring to a military battle. Not that anyone asked…

Tug of War Round 1: Team Tonight Show won with a quick pull at the beginning.

Round 2: Team Crab Cakes would not be defeated as Ketchup began yelling “PUUUULL!” from his spot as the anchor.

Round 3: False start. Do over.

Round 4: Team Crab Cakes wins! 2-1

Q#4: True or False: On March 13, 2016, the largest tug of war game ever was played with 6,282 participants.

Team Tonight Show guessed TRUE, but Team Crab Cakes guessed FALSE. TCC must have been on a hot streak because they won this round as well! Back to the basketball court for…


Beast Mode x 30 count

Alternating Knee Taps x20IC

Plank x30

Gator Spears x 20IC

Chilcut x30

Gator Tails x20IC

Q#5: At the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Great Britain was disqualified after it was discovered that the team had taken a banned performance enhancement drug made from monkey gland extract.

The PAX knew right away that this was 100% FALSE.

But it is true that at the Stockholm 1912 Olympics, the British team lost the first pull of the final to Sweden and was then disqualified for continually sitting down. Again, not that anyone asked…

Count off: 17

NOR: Welcome back Lemon Law!


F3 Poker Tournament: 2/26, 7pm, Vidlak’s, Bring your own food and drink. The restaurant will be closed. Half the proceeds to F3 Omaha Foundation.

Ketchup regaled us with stories of posting at other sites he typically does not attend. Get out there and post somewhere new!

Prayer requests: Al Borland and his family; Waffle House and his wife; and ICB and his family.

COT: Drop the Rope

When I first signed up to Q, I had something different planned to talk about today. But something happened this week. I told a story about a long-term (metaphorical) tug of war I have been in with another person. (Ask me about it sometime and I can share more details with you.)

This week, another conflict came up and I found myself locked in with the same old tension and stress as me and this person continued our unending argument. But I realized that fighting this battle just wasn’t worth it. Instead of pulling back, I dropped the rope. I refused to argue with them.

The other person was dumbfounded and walked away. They were confused and I felt great. This wasn’t something I planned to do, but I’m glad I did. I would encourage all of you to do the same. Whether it’s at work, with your family, or a friend, choose to drop the rope.

Wait Time took us out in prayer.

With gratitude,


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