DATE: 2022-02-18
AO: Golden-Spike
Q: Golden Pike (GP)
PAX: Doppler, Z-bo, Black Flag, Beaver, Kill_Switch, Barbershop, Mac N Chesse, Mother Goose, Shingles, Honey Maid, Skidz, Biff, Tin Cup, Blue Chip, Club Car
YHC drove up to Burke High school right around 4:45 and ran 1 mile up and down Burke St. When I got back Biff, JCVD, Honey Maid and Barbershop were ready for another 2 mile prerun.

By the time we all got back, PAX were gathered around the shovel flag and we had a lot of mumblechatter going on.

Tappy Taps 15x IC
SSH 15x IC
Tater Taps 15x IC
Big Ones 15x IC

First, I let the PAX know that this beatdown is a complete copy of the one Convoy did when I first stumbled on to Golden Spike on February 18th 2021, with the caveat that we did all of this in the parking lot. So I lead the PAX to mosey on to the field. We started the beatdown with a ladder workout.

Sprint back to goal line after each leg.
10 yard line = 10 burpees
20 yard line = 20 diamond merkins
30 yard line = 30 air squats
40 yard line = 40 plank jacks

Work way back down to 30, 20, 10 and do a 30 second rest at goal line when done. Rinse and repeat.

Started with 2 cones at the 50 yard line with 20 yards between them. PAX partnered up, ½ of the group moseyed to one cone and 1/2 moseyed to the other. Partners stuck together, justsplit the group for spacing purposes.

At “go”, one partner ran the corners of the square, but always facing north. So, they would side-shuffle when going parallel to the north and back-pedal when going away from it and run when going towards it. While this is happening, other partner is doing the exercises listed on sheet at starting cone.

3 exercises were listed per Lap (upper body, lower body, core), 8 Laps listed on sheet. Partners did the 3 exercises in order, top-to-bottom for that Lap only. Although, most of the teams didn’t even get through the exercises for one lap, so we had to modify on a per couple basis. When running partner returned, they started from the top for the same Lap (not a handoff/continuation of reps between partners) and the non-running partner took off around the cones. When 2nd runner returned, they started on Lap #2 exercises in the same fashion. If they got through all 8 Laps, they rinsed and repeated with Lap #1.

Lap #1 – Burpees x5 | Bonnie Blairs x20 | LBCs x20
Lap #2 – Chuck Norris Merkins x20 | Hillbilly Squats x20 | Sweat Angels x10 Lap #3 – Side Straddle Hops x20 | Groiners x20 | Big Boy Sit-Ups x10 Lap #4 – Punch-up Merkins x20 | Monkey Humpers x20 | Gas Pumpers x20 Lap #5 – Alt. Shoulder Taps x20 | Bobby Hurleys x20 | Starfish Crunches x10 Lap #6 – Werkins x20 | Tuck Jumps x10 | Rosalitas x20
Lap #7 – Ranger Merkins x20 | Mountain Climbers x20 | Freddie Mercurys x20 Lap #8 – Merkins x20 | Copperhead Squats x10 I/C | Flutter Kicks x10 I/C

We started with 15x flutter kicks. Barbershop lead us in 20x gas pumpers. Mother Goose lead us in 20x M’kthar N’Jays.

– Queen’s Service is still going on.
– Free to Bleed
– Project Pink’d pickups still going on. Sign-ups on #third-f

– ICB’s daughter Paisley
– Al Borland’s daughter
– Waffle House’s M and their family

I originally came to F3 based on a Facebook post by Z-bo where he talked about the crazy CSAUP that happened in December 2020. I asked him what F3 was about and he said Black Flag was in it too ( I wanted to get to know both guys), so I said “What the hell” and decided to come that Friday. I didn’t know what to expect but as I parked and then saw Z-Bo and Black Flag pass my car to do “extra running” I thought about how intense this could get.

Convoy Qed the workout that day and because it had just snowed, the field was unavailable. We worked out in the front parking lot and it was worse than it sounds. I realized very quickly how out of shape I was and used the excuse “I need to get my water bottle” at least once to get a breathe. But then Convoy lead us in COT and I realized it was over, so I felt relieved. Then we went to Stories for coffee and had a great time. When I got home, my M asked me “How was it?” I said “It was hard. It was freezing. And I am probably going to go again.”

One year later and I’ve done more stupid things with all of the F3 Omaha morons since then. I have lost 45 lbs. I ran a half marathon. I ran multiple 10ks and 5ks. I became good friends with guys I probably wouldn’t have ever had the chance of meeting anywhere else. F3 has changed my life.

And F3 made me realize something about myself that I never grasped before – there is no end to any of this. There is no ending to getting fit. There is no ending to making and smashing goals. There’s no ending to creating new brotherhood relationships. There’s no ending to growing in being a better dad and husband, or a better co-worker. There’s no ending to doing stupid, pointless things for the hell of it. Acceleration never stops. I’m never going to stop.

Thank you, F3, for showing me a better way of living and I will be doing burpees with y’all until my legs give out or the sun turns to black.

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