Tire Flippin’ and Cow Tippin’

After getting mean mugged by the local Sheriff while setting up the beatdown here is how it went!

Pre-run 4:45

4 Pax: Ferdinand, Firewalker, TTT, Maaco

Beatdown 5:15

10 Pax: Knobs, Hu-Hot, Ferdinand, Nelly (Furtado), Echo, Ketchup, Feeny, TTT, Firewalker and Maaco!

As mentioned in the pre-blast if you aren’t early you’re late.  Boy were some of you late today!

Maaco greeted the group, sandbagging his way through the 5 principles and mission statement of F3.  (surprisingly remembered it all)

Pax made their way to the gravel lot, finding some tractor tires, lights and some tunes!


Consisted of some tomfoolery grafted from my daughters MMA class.  We ran in a circle, pausing to throw in some SSH.  We then shuffled clockwise and decided to do some Cherry Pickers (naturally IC).  Hey let’s shuffle more and do Air Squats.  


More stolen warm-up ideas.  We split into two groups.  1 Pax ran to a tire while alternating arm circles. The rest of the group would do Big Ones on round 1 and Windmills IC on round 2.


For those that had any fun during college years.  We found ourselves in a CIRCLE OF DEATH!  We found the High Cards from the beatdown deck, including but not limited to 100 calf raises.

1 Pax would draw a card, then go flip the tractor tire while the rest of us suffered the workout on the card.  We may or may not have done 201 calf raises for good measure!

Can’t be at the Farm without some Cow Tippin’

With boundaries unknowingly prepared we played Freeze tag.  The “farmer” and to tag the “cows”  once tagged the cow had to do a side plank until the were tipped over by another cow…. 



Prayers for Paisley and family.


With all of the chaos in our daily lives, don’t forget to have fun.  Give yourself something to look forward to by the end of your week.  Remember what it feels like to be a kid!  

Firewalker spoke to Sky Q on our behalf

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