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28 PAX:  Fine Print, Slick, Thor, Thomas, Cradle, Cheap Seats, Vandelay (Respect), Joe Dominico FNG (Tea Party), Gator, Chiclets (Respect), Escobar, Patton (Respect), Pit Stop, Honey Stinger, Yogi, Griswold, Wait Time (Respect), Ozark (Respect), Gump, Baby Shoes, Blades of Glory, Yodel, Slow Clap (Respect), Slap Shot, OB-Wan, Barn Door, Truly, T-Ball

Q: T-Ball 

28 PAX arrived to hear the F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo.  1 new FNG Joe Dominico was present and was encouraged to come out as his brother posts in KC, was welcomed and led throughout by Vandelay and other PAX.   With Patton and Gator on the mend and doing more bruiser beatdown, Warm-O-rama was adjusted to help keep all PAX working together

Warm-o-rama proceeded with mosey to the east to intersection where normal parking lot stretches occur.  We proceeded to do 10 very slow intentional Windmills, followed by 10 slow Big Ones to warm up the legs (which were about to be abused fairly soon).  Mosey continued to next intersection by the hill going to Elkhorn MIddle School, where we stopped to perform downward dog for 30 count, followed by Wait Time Special Yoga poses with forward lunge for 10 count, seated stretch over same leg on ground, and then extend into full leaning stretch while seated.  Same exercise repeated for other leg and then mosey continued to parking lot of middle school.  There, we circled up again for 10 count ATMs for 1 round with various PAX leading the counts.  10 SSH were then performed IC.  Each stop along the mosey was altered to allow bruisers to keep pace and to also allow them same benefits of stretching and exercise (leaving no man behind).  From here, we partnered up and headed down stadium steps for Pre-Thang.

Pre-Thang:  We used the hill just to the north of the steps, which was wide enough to accompany all the PAX.  1 partner stayed at bottom of hill, doing AMRAP Monkey Humpers, while partner did Bernie Sanders up a 60 degreeincline hill (felt like 80 degrees) and at the top, they would perform 10 air squats before heading back down to switch with partner.  Several rounds were completed until mumblechatter slipped into dangerous and dark territory, at which point Omaha was called on the Pre-Thang.

The Thang:  We kept our same partner and headed to the North Endzone for a 2 man grinder.  Partner 1 stayed at the goalline to complete AMRAP exercises in order, while partner ran to light around the 30 yard line, performed 3 burpees, and then hop-skipped back to partner to take over same exercise while their partner did the run/burpee/hop-skip sequence.  Once each partner had completed the first exercise, they moved on to second exercise and so on.  

Exercises at Goal Line:

Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Carolina Dry Docks, SSH, WWI Big Boys, Werkins, Air Squats, Heels to Heaven, LBCs, Diamond Merkins, Squat Jumps, Flutter Kicks, Gator Spears, Mountain Climbers, Big Boys—then R&R.  I believe 1 or 2 groups got completely through the exercises and Omaha was called around 5:58 am to allow for mosey back to Shovel Flags

6 MOM was completed as Bruiser Pax were arriving.  We completed you call it exercises, which included 15 counts of Low Dollys, Box Cutters, Flutter Kicks, and 10 each side of Gator Spears (in honor of the Armory founder/Site Q), before completing the beatdown with American Hammers around the circle.

Name-o-Rama completed, as well as naming our FNG Tea Party, due to his previously living in Boston.


Prayers for Pit Stop’s M Lindsey, OT’s Grandmother, Patton’s friends Christian and Bill, for Waffle House and his wife, for Al Borland’s son Callum, for Slap Shot’s dad Terry, and for Paisley  (Irish Car Bomb’s daughter), all battling various health and life ailments and needing all of our prayers and support.  

Announcements for Polar Plunge next weekend 2/26 at Zorinsky—details on Slack, as well as 12 in 22 on Sunday 2/27 (10 k and ½ marathon options for those interested in running).  Poker Tournament to benefit F3 Omaha Foundation next Saturday 2/26 at Vidlak’s café (restaurant will be closed, but those attending allowed to bring their own food/drinks)–we are just utilizing the space.  $100 buy in and ½ the proceeds will go to the foundation.  

Circle of Trust:

Lately, I have been dealing with some personal and professional challenges that have left me feeling pity for myself.  Between shuffling kids around for various sports, coaching 2 of my kids in their sports, and finding out a good friend will be moving out of state (leaving me to coach alone), I quickly and easily fell into a pattern of self-pity and woe-is-me mentality.  Life has an interesting way of giving me a smack across the face when I start getting out of line.  Around the same time several things were happening to me within the last 2 weeks, I started to reflect on prior COTs I’ve heard.  One from Chippendale has stuck with me about realizing your kids are getting older and will soon be out of the house.  Treasuring every day and any time you get to spend with them is critical.  I also remembered a speech by Ernie Johnson (Inside the NBA) on TNT—he gave a speech to University of Alabama’s football team last summer about “I have to” vs “I get to”.  A really powerful and impactful statement about how we look at things we are responsible for and do on a daily basis that completely changes our outlook on what is asked of us.  Watching some close friends through F3 and outside of F3 dealing with very serious health concerns in their families, dealing with job loss, loss of a loved one, and various other challenges has given me that emotional slap across the face I need to break out of my wallowing and self-pity.  “I GET TO” join my brothers in the gloom.  “I GET TO” wake up next to my M every day.  “I GET TO” take my kids to school.  “I GET TO” go to work and earn a living.  It’s a very powerful phrase that can change your outlook today.  If you are struggling with this as well, try to remember to flip that phrase and it can change your day/week/month/year like it changed mine.  


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