2/3/2022, 6:00am | The Sandlot | Papillion, NE| -10 windchill, Cold AF

Of PAX: 8

YHC – Ear Tag

Ear Tag showed up around 5:25 to bitter cold winds howling along the duck pond and wishing he wouldn’t have answered that text a month or so ago from KOA to Q today. After reluctantly getting out of his truck he was surprised to see 7 other HIM’s awaiting him. Ear Tag advised we were at the Sandlot and to follow him, we headed west down the path and ended up at the Papillion fire station #salute! We got in a circle and did the fire drill where one PAX yells fire and all drop to the ground and roll to the left and do a merkin and then roll to the right and do another merkin, in between the PAX yelling out fire everyone chopped their feet. After everyone had a turn, we headed north to Target and again circled up this time when you yelled fire you did a burpee. After that we headed back south to the pedestrian bridge and did some bridge burpees, then finally heading back to the shovel flags.

Name-o-rama time; Jean Claude, Ferdinand, Cheap seats, Trench, KOA, Squeaky Clean, Ditty, Skidz, Ear Tag

COT/Prayer – Ear Tag thanked the PAX for showing up in the cold and the lord/skyQ for letting us feel alive in the cold. Also thanked the PAX for being vulnerable and helping him be more vulnerable which in turn makes us all better people, fathers, husbands, friends etc. Prayers for Calfee family #RIPgrandadcalfee

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The Sandlot

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