February 15, 2022 | Hillsborough Park | AO – The Helix | 26°

PAX (19): Slow Pitch, Z-bo, Kill Switch, Grease Fire, Truly, Tube Socks, Frosty, Retweets, Pantyhose, House Party, Nailed it, Villa, LPC, Al Borland, Toto, Slapshot, Lite Bright, Theraband, Slow Clap (respect)

QIC: House Party

YHC covered the mission statement, core principles, disclaimer, and FNG questioning.  I was proud to make it through the initial announcements without reviewing my cheat sheet.  We had a first time Helix participant in Lite Bright. 


The PAX moseyed from the shovel flags to the courts for the Warm-a-rama

10/10 – Sun Gods (IC forwards and backwards)  

10 – Chinooks (IC)

10 – Planks to Side Planks (IC left and right)

10 – Slow Count Lunges (IC left and right)  I tried to lead us in 10 to each side but realized we would just do 10 total alternating sides.


As a group we performed a mosey around the park trail hitting three stations along the way.  The first and third stations involved monkey humpers for 15 and 10 counts (IC).  The second station involved lounge style monkey humpers for both the left and right legs, 10 counts each (IC). 


We divided into four groups with each group starting The Thang at four different illuminated stations.  Station 2 had additional illumination for a surprise twist of flipcup to ease or toughen the beatdown for that station.  Each group of PAX completed one exercise, AMRAP, at their assigned station before advancing to subsequent stations from the push group.  In total each group completed 2 sets of exercise at each station, station 2 turned out take longer to complete than anticipated.

Station 1 (Arms):

AMRAP all exercises

Merkins (IC)
Carolina Dry Docks
Shoulder Taps (IC)


Transition to the next station: Bear Crawl

Station 2 (Burpee – FlipCup):

Members were offered the opportunity to skip flip cup and perform the base count of 10 burpees, but who wants to skip flip cup…
If any of the members successfully flipped the cup, the exercise count was eliminated.  Should no members complete the task after two tries each, the exercise count doubles.
Transition to the next station: Crawl Planks

Station 3 (Legs):

AMRAP all exercies

Jack Squats (IC)

Mountain Climbers
Bobby Hurleys

Air Squats (IC)

Transition to the next station: Bernie down the hill

Station 4 (Core):

AMRAP for all exercises

Heel Touches (IC)
Pickle Pushers
Iron Cross

LBC’s (IC)

Transition to the next station: Crawl Planks


15 Gas Pumpers from Pantyhose, some mumble chatter was hoping for no flutter kicks “typically pantyhose’s preference” so YHC lead the group through 15 Flutter Kicks.  Finally, 19 American Hammers, rancid styler to conclude the workout.


Check slack for Apex at the iron wood.

Polar Plunge, February 26, talk to Toto if interested in details, spots are filling up quick!  Plunge benefits Special Olympics Nebraska.

Poker Hold ‘em Tournament February 26th.  Half of the proceeds go to F3 foundation.

Prayer requests 

No prayers requests this morning. 


YHC spoke about singular words or thoughts have influenced himself since starting F3 5 months ago.  The single word for his COT is REFLECTION.  Most people think of reflection as looking back in thought or consideration on something that has happened in the past.  The only time the YHC typically reflected before F3 was at the end of most year looking on finances, family, trips, goals, etc.  Reflection has another definition, YHC nerded out with this definition, the throwing back by a body or surface of light.  This definition of reflection is one that the YHC has never really put much thought into until he started F3.  We look at ourselves in the mirror every day to get ready for the day, etc. but we don’t reflect on yourself.  A few of the words that have inspired him the most as of late thinking about himself:  Generosity, Comfort, Discomfort, and many others.  Generosity has always been in this YHC’s upbringing, but he has lost sight of that characteristic over the years.  He hopes to work on being more generous as he has been financially fortunate.  Comfort and discomfort hit even deeper.  The YHC had settled into a comfortable routine before F3, and he is even more grateful for F3 for bringing discomfort to his life.  The YHC looks forward to more words to reflect on as the year goes on and he hopes to continue to look at himself throughout the year instead of as a year in review.

Pantyhose took us out in prayer

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