25 degrees with a little breeze which made it feel like 17 and it felt nice

Space Bar reminded me via text yesterday as I had sent a group text stating that I wasn’t sure if I was going to post at the Coop or the Battlefield in the morning.  Space Bar texted me back and reminded me that I was on the Q at The Battlefield.  This was pretty early in the morning, so that gave me all day to come up with a workout and COT.  Thank you Space Bar!  Since I was out of town all week for a work trip, I didn’t pay attention to the calendar for the week as I was trying to figure out the F3PHX schedule.

I skipped the F2L book discussion at 4:45 am for 2 reasons:  1) my flight got in later than I expected from AZ and 2) I wanted to have time to set up the cones for the Thang.

When I pulled into the parking lot of Westside around 5:15, I saw an unusual number of cars and I started to get excited that there might be a big group this morning.  I knew that the station to station workout would work well with a large or small group, so I was confident that it would be a great beatdown.  I laid out the cones where I wanted them and then I saw some PAX running and rucking around the track.  I welcomed the PAX around the shovel flags and we met outside the gates and there were about 12 guys inside the track waiting for us.  They completely missed the awesome intro, but they have all heard it over 100 times.  No FNG’s, and a ton of very familiar faces.

31 HIM: Black Lung, Safe Ride, Tater Tot, Vanilla Ice, Doll Face (R), Greek Freak, Club Car, Room Service, Blue Chip, Dirty Bird, Paramount, Khakis (R), Splinter, Invictus, Rollbar, Rosetta, Blood Shot, Doppler, Umpa, Space Bar, Flowers, Ruxpin, Biff, Beta Max, Samples (R), Q-Tip (RR), Sven, Tug Boat, Buns of Steel, Honey Maid, and Frosty.

Q: Wentworth

Warm-O-Rama:  SSH’s, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Tempo Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and Jump Tucks

I haven’t Q’d a workout in about 6 weeks and I was winded quickly counting in cadence for all these exercises.  I should have done a couple exercises on the down instead. 

The Thang: Groups of 4 for a 3-station grinder with a push group

North Endzone: Core Exercises (20 of each except Alarm Clock because they are terrible)

Freddie Mercury’s/Big Boys/Box Cutters/Flutter Kicks/LBC’s/10 Alarm Clocks

50-yard line: Legs

5 Sweet Roll Burpees / 20IC Monkey Humpers / 20IC Apollo Ono’s / 20 Air Squats / 20 Alternating Lunges / 20 Bobbie Hurley’s

(Right out of the gate, our Nantan yells out, “What’s a Sweet Roll Burpee?” I replied, “you will figure it out.”  Someone else in his group knew and they were off and I went up the stairs to catch up to group 3.)

Push Group left this station and ran halfway around the track and up the stairs to push  ( I told the first group to do 10 burpees before running around the track to give group 3 time to get into the arms exercises )

Top of the Home Bleachers: Arms/Chest  (20 of each)

Werkins / CDD’s / Alt Shoulder Taps / Ranger Merkins / Dips / 40 second plank or chillcut

Post Thang:

YHC thought it would be a good idea to combine 2 exercises into one as I haven’t done this before in 2.5 years of F3 workouts.

Inch Worm Burpee Broad Jump!  (We started at the 50 and we were going to stop when someone got to the goal line. I look over at Tater Tot and Safe Ride about 6 yards into this Post Thang and they were toast.  That put a big smile on my face as I could see other guys like Greek Freak blazing their way to the endzone.  Thank you Greek Freak for ending this post thang after about 4:00 minutes of pain.


Marge & Homer / ABC’s / Protractors / American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements and prayers:

Upcoming 3rd F opportunities:  Freed 2 Lead discussions after workouts and during coffee at specific AO’s, Abide Omaha this afternoon and also Saturday from 9-12, Freed 2 Bleed last Friday of February, Polar Plunger, and Project Pink’d delivering goody bags next week.  (See Slack 3rd F channel for details)

Prayers for all of the PAX and family members struggling with various illnesses and issues right now.

COT:  I just got back from a work conference and Jade Simmons was our keynote speaker and she had a great message that I wanted to share with the PAX.  She is a classical musician, and she has been able to combine her love of playing the piano with motivational speaking.  She was talking about bad things that happen “to you” and looking at it as an opportunity for what is happening “for you.”  She went on to talk about Breakthroughs and how all breakthroughs happen after something breaks.  Once you have a breakthrough, then you want to sustain a season of breakthroughs.  I was also reading Freed to Lead this past week and many of these items go hand in hand with F3.  Be the best version of yourself and “Get Right.”  Then when you get right, then you can lead right and edify others who need your help and support.  Develop a new mindset to rejoice for opposition that comes to you as a problem and look for the opportunity.  Your battles can turn into breakthroughs.  I highly recommend all of you to find a You Tube video of Jade Simmons as I am sure there are tons of videos out there.  Her messages are solid and she combines them with her own style on the piano.

Thank you Samples for the opportunity to lead this awesome group of HIM.

Wentworth ended in prayer


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