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PAX: Drone Strike, Bovine, Lucky Charms, Doll Face, American Picker, Buns, e85, Stitches, Icy Hot


Ran to Grassy Knoll by DJs• 20 Side Straddle Hops• 15 Tappy Taps• 15 Imperial Walkers• 15 Big Ones• 20 Sun Gods 

Ran to Circle Landscape over the Bridge• 20 Air Squats• 15 Derkins

Ran to Garage• 20 Chicken peckers 

Back to Stinson Park

The Thang

Three Stations

Station 1 (playground)• 10 Monkey Humpers• 15 Werkins• 20 LBC• 25 Copperhead Squats• 30 Second Plank

Station 2 (Hill by Stage) Push group• 5 Burpees• Bear Crawl up hill• Run to benches 10 dips• Push to Tower

Station 3 (Tower)• 10 Lunges each leg• 15 Merkins• 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps• 25 Air Squats• 30 Second Wall Sit

Mary• 10 Big Ones• 10 Whoa Dollies• Hammers Rancid Style


In my COT I talked about 3 lessons I learned from my dad about how to have a health relationship. It was a post Valentines Day lesson I hoped to pass along. Many years back, before I was married, my dad told me three things that helps have a healthy relationship that he wished he understood in his first marriage. One is to marry your best friend, two is to always be kind, and the third is to wake up wanting to do something for your spouse. I have taken that advice with me in my marriage, but I have recently been working on applying the last two to my life with everyone else. I ended my COT explaining how we can all work at being kind to one another and really focusing on how we can wake up wanting to help someone. If we all lived by that mantra we would be in a much better place. – Drone Strike

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