Thursday- February 17th 2022. With a feels like 3 degrees at the Coop. 

PAX: Lansbury, Toadstool, Gunner, Smashmouth, Dirty Bird, Grass Roots

QIC: Huffy

Welcome, mission statement, warning, and complaining about the cold were all given.

Short mosey around and Warmorama at the basketball court. 
25 SSH
25 Imperial Walkers
15 Windmills
15 Abe Vigodas
25 copper head squats
25 Mtn Climbers

Mosey up and around to Broadmoor Street hill. Each PAX was asked to choose an exercise at the bottom, 15 reps, and then we ran to the top of the hill and a new pax was asked for an exercise. Did the hill 3 times. That hill deceptively sucks. 

Mosey’d back to the basketball court where each PAX was given 2 dice. Circled up and one PAX rolled. Their dice combo matched an exercise on the list below:

2- 10 Burpees
3- 25 Plank Jacks
4- 25 LBCs
5- 25 Bobby Hurleys
6- 25 Apollo Ohnos
7- 10 Burpees
8- 25 Big Boys
9- 25 Merkins
10- 25 Squat Jumps
11- 25 Groiners
12- 10 Burpees

After a complete circle was completed of the exercises… (turns out 7 comes up the most!), we took a long mosey around the park and then circled back up. We did this 2 times and then Omaha was called.  

Mary- each PAX took a turn to choose an exercise and # of reps for Mary. One round around the circle completed the workout.

Announcements and prayers: Freed to Bleed opportunities on slack. Lots of 3rd F options on slack. Smasmouth’s M is getting test to see if she’s a match to donate her kidney to her sister. Lansbury nephew, and his mental health and strength. 

COT: We all have choices. We all chose to get up and post this morning. I remember my dad coming into my room in the morning, turning on the light, stating “Get up. It’s time for school” and would walk away. I hated it. It started off the day terribly… all the time. I choose to not do that. After I post, I go home and snuggle my kiddos. Kiss them and encourage them to wake up and tackle the day. In a bright and energetic way. I feel how you start the day sets the tone for your day. Choose to be better. Choose to do better. Aye.

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