February 16, 2022//Aldrich Elementary School//AO-Top Rope//30 degrees//
16 Pax: Corn Pile, Honeymaid, House PArty, LPC, Farva, Yogi, Superfly, Skeet, Scoober, Rollbar, Oompa, Doppler, Beaver, Theraband, Nailed It, Barbershop.
Q: Barbershop
YHC arrived at approximately 4:55 to put out the lights for the four stations and pre-thang. Kind of nervous to see if the new things in store for today are going to be a good challenge, or just a stupid waste of time. Only time will tell!
Yogi, Farva, and Honeymaid show up for the 5:00 pre-run, and kindly wait until Barbershop is finished setting up so he could join. Farva and Honeymaid set a blistering pace, Barbershop and Yogi did their best to keep up!
The PAX gathered around the shovelflags around 5:30. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was given, the motto was recited.
Warm O’ Rama (7 minutes)
The group did a slow mosey (slow-sy?) down the street in front of the school and made their way to the parking lot across the street. On the journey there, we used a variety of movements including side-shuffle, butt-kickers, and high knees. Then we began warm-a-rama:
15 Side-straddle hop (IC)
20 Sun-Gods (IC) – 10 forward, 10 backward
10 Michael Phelps (IC)
10 Big Ones (IC)
10 Tappy Taps (IC)
Pre-Thang: Shuffleboard (8 minutes)
Barbershop led the PAX over to the blacktop and found 6 lights set up for the Pre-Thang. The PAX lined up along the wall and would wall sit while each member of the PAX would complete the shuffleboard course. As each member began the course, the PAX would shift to the right in assembly line fashion.
The shuffleboard course would begin on the right and had essentially three legs, one out, one across, and one back. Each leg would require the PAX member to travel to a red lamp, then either side-shuffle or back-pedal to the central “fire” lamp and back, and then proceed to the next leg. After all three legs were completed, the PAX member would now be at the left end of the wall and would join the rest of the PAX in the wall-sit.
Each PAX would start the course as the member in front of them completed the first leg. The process was continued until each member had completed the course.
Barbershop was not impressed with the execution on the first cycle (probably due to his poor explanation), so he decided to give the PAX another chance. The entire process was completed again substituting balls-to-the-wall for the wall sit. The second cycle was performed flawlessly and left the PAX feeling pretty gassed. Excellent!

The Thang: Bruiser Stations (20 minutes)
Barbershop led the PAX to the parking lot in front of the school for the Thang. The PAX counted off into 4 groups. This was a good old-fashioned station workout with a couple new exercises worked in. Each station was focused primarily on upper-body or lower-body exercises. Since this beatdown was meant to be a bruiser-beatdown, alternate exercises were also provided for anyone needing to modify.

Station 1 (Push Group)
Exercise Alternate Exercises
20 Reverse Nordics (IC) 20 Tempo Merkins
20 Oh Yeahs (IC) 20 Flutterkicks
Station 2
Exercise Alternate Exercises
20 Derkins 20 Toe Taps
20 Dips 20 Box Cutters
20 Step-Ups
Station 3
Exercise Alternate Exercise
20 Air Squats 20 Plank Jacks
20 Side Lunges 20 Groiners
20 Calf Raises (IC)
Station 4
Exercise Alternate Exercise
20 Alternating Shoulder Taps 20 Bonnie Blairs (IC)
20 Dive-Bombers 20 Apollo Ohnos (IC)
20 Merkins

MOM: (6 minutes)
Barbershop decided to try something new today and introduce slo-mo V-Ups. The exercise starts with the PAX on their backs with their legs straight out and arms over their heads. The PAX then takes a 4-count to rise to “boat” pose, hold for a 4-count, lower back down to the ground on a 4-count, and hold for a 4-count. Each 4-count is one rep, so the full cycle is four reps. The rhythm goes:
“Up-2-3-’1’, hold-2-3-’2’, down-2-3-’3’, hold-2-3-’4’”
We completed four full cycles for a total of 16 reps. Feel the Burn!
That was enough creativity for one day. Superfly was not a fan of the Slo-Mo V-Ups and declared them retired on the spot. Thus Barbershop asked Superfly for his suggestion:
Superfly Led us in 15 Box-Cutters
Next, with one of Barbershop’s favorite Bruisers in attendance, he asked Scoober to lead the PAX in his trademark Mary move:
Scoober Led us in 15 Reverse Table-top Extensions
Finally, the beatdown was concluded with some American Hammers Rancid Style.
Several Events are coming up the last weekend of February:
26-Feb – Polar Plunge for the special olympics at Lake Zorinsky. Toto is organizing this event. Check Slack for more details
26-Feb – Poker tournament organized by Mufasa at Vidlak’s. BYOB and BYOFood. Check slack for more details
27-Feb – 12-for-22 series. Half-marathon beginning at 5:00 am, 10k beginning at 6:00 am. Races will begin at the Soccer fields of St. Wenceslas just south of 152nd and Pacific. Cataracts is hosting this race. See slack for more details
Prayer Requests:
Praying for a speedy COVID recovery for Wentworth
Praying for Al Borland’s son Callum. Doctors found a brain tumor and have scheduled a surgery for the first week of March.
Last week I was reminded of one of the first TED Talks I ever saw. It was titled “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.” Like so many TED talks, it was profound, hilarious, inspirational, and chock full of great one-liners. My favorite quote from the speech was when the guy realized that one of his life-long dreams wasn’t to DO a TED Talk, but to HAVE DONE a TED Talk. He wanted to have accomplished his goals already but not necessarily put in the necessary work to achieve those goals. This wasn’t even the main point of the talk, but all these years later, this is the quote that I remember.

This speech popped into my head last week while I was pre-running at the Maize with Yogi. If you’ve ever done that pre-run, you know how much it sucks to run up Atlas Street. As Yogi and I begin our ascent, we look up and see that Barn Door and Blades of Glory have already reached the peak and have turned north on 203rd plaza. I had a passing thought of “man, I wish I already HAD DONE this climb.”

Then it hit me that to be at the top of the hill is not the accomplishment. It is the climbing of the hill that is the real reward. There are so many times and areas of our life where it’s easy to look at the end state and think “I wish I could just jump ahead to that point.” However, doing so would really short-change us and rob us of the real accomplishment of completing the challenge. It is through the process that the real reward is earned. This could be a weight loss goal, a pursuit of a new career, a relationship repair and rebuilding of trust. So don’t wait until you’ve accomplished your goals to finally enjoy yourself. Instead, learn to love the process of getting there.
Aye- Barbershop

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