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PAX: Z-bo, Tater Tot, Grease Fire, Frosty, Sparty, Bovine, Cosmo, Club Car, Blue Chip, Dirty Bird, Cataracts, Khakis (Respect), Flanders, Swinger, Saul, Smash Mouth, Safe Ride, Skipper, Slow Pitch, Trench, Icy Hot, Ice-T, Vandelay (Respect), Honey Stinger, Tin Cup, Side Dish(hate!), Gunner, Arm Brah, Kill Switch, and U-Haul(QIC).

[0515] 1-2min

The Opener: Presented the 3 F’s of F3, Stated the mission statement, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. I am not a professional. Stated the F3 Credo to Leave no man behind and We don’t Leave no man where we found him. No FNG’s.

“Today we are gonna pick up the SIX rather than waiting for the SIX plank or AL Gore no matter how close or far they are.”

[0517]MOSEY: up Winchester to Harney Parkway and Park.  

12 Tappy Taps

6 Little Ones

[0524]MOSEY: around park to Harney Parkway Intersection

6 Burpees

[0530] MOSEY: around park to bottom of Harney Parkway on Regency

12 Big Boys

[0533] MOSEY: Through the Apartment buildings to the dock.

18 Merkins

[0538] MOSEY: Around the lake to Parking lot.

24 Squats

[0547] MOSEY: Parking lot to Shovel Flags

30 SSH’s

[0550] arrive at Shovel Flags

18 American Hammers

COT:  Announcements/Prayers:


The Apex this Saturday at Aldrich 2/19

There are 2 sign sheets for Freed to Bleed for February 25th.

F3 Polar Plunge Team at Lake Zorinsky (Toto) on February 26th

4x4x48 March 4th Contact Sparty

Mufasa’s got a Poker Game where part of proceeds will go to F3 Omaha Foundation

Next Weekend 5k, 10k at 0500 March 27

Prayers for  

Paisley and Callum

COT: ​​“You don’t need to create a masterpiece every day, just get some oil on the canvas every day.” I have a pretty bad optimistic flair in me. I am extremely arrogant to believe that a smile or a few minutes with another person can change a moment, a day, a life. And I piss people off what I am about to say, because it’s easy to say on a good day and harder to hear or believe when we’re in it.

I like being the SIX. In fact, I think I love it. When I’m in the back of the pack, I’ve nowhere to hide. I’ve spent so much of my life trying to hide and sell a better version of myself to people I’ve just met BUT there’s no amount of clever witty charm is going to cover up that I am flawed man. Physically and emotionally. I can’t fake being faster. So this is who I am AND no one here has EVER shamed me for it.

The more I am the SIX, or just behind some one, I am reminded of the company I keep and where I want to be someday. It’s not hard to imagine the mental image of where I want to be someday when that image is directly in front of me. Running faster than I. Someday, I’ll be running with them. Someday, I’ll be you guys. There are goals there and I see them.  

Which leads me to why I really love being the SIX first and foremost, because it reminds of a very simple fact. No matter what I’ve done or left undone up until now….  I showed up today. I am here, I got my shoes on. My clothes. Woke up early and I am here. With you guys. You teach me how to run, how to breathe, how to live a better richer life. And you remind me of what’s most important. Those things outside of myself. If I have to modify every single exercise in warm-a-rama, if nothing else, I am glad I showed up today. Let’s get some oil on that canvas.

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