16 February 2022 / Heavy Metal / Stinson Park / 36 Degrees / Real Feel 30 / N 8mph / 71% humidity / Mostly Clear (Perfect for February)


I recently had my first post at Heavy Metal at Hard Hat’s awesome Led Zeppelin Q. A few weeks later, I agreed to substi-Q for my man Cheap Seats. I discovered that tunes are a necessity at the Strongest AO in the MidWest. And that is how I found myself at Stinson Park with a playlist, cones, a coupon, two dumbbells, a clipboard with 20 exercises, and one giant speaker (courtesy of Blades of Glory).


I walked over to plant the Armory’s Shovel Flag and was pumped to see that the Nugent Flag would be passed today. Then I saw Q-Tip coming back from his pre-ruck followed by the prerunners: Blades of Glory, Rice-a-Roni, Stella, E-85, Samples, and TC.


PAX (15): Spacebar, Folsom, Hipster (Respect x2), Rice-a-Roni, TC (Respect), Samples (Respect), Betamax, Q-Tip (Respect x2), Blackjack, E85, Doll Face (Respect), Blades of Glory, Stella, Bloodshot, and Gator.


Gathered round the Shovel Flags, I saw it was 5:30AM, so  I clicked play (“Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger).


It was privilege to welcome the PAX to F3, which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. I went over the 5 core principles: Free; Open to All Men; Always Outside (PAX refrain was great! Heard Blackjack correctly point out that the “free of charge” principle was worth a celebratory refrain, too); Peer-led in a Rotating Fashion, and Always end in a COT. 


The mission statement was covered: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration (or reinvigoration? Beta rightly observed that we can do both!) of male community leadership. Also, we leave no man behind and leave no man where we found them. Professional disclaimer, with a note that I was currently bruising and that modifications were necessary to avoid the real risk of injury. No FNGs.


Ordinarily, I do trivia questions where we do either burpees or Bobby Hurley’s. But we would instead do Modified-Merkin Trivia: Merkins for correct answers, while incorrect responses will be T-Merkins….(Thanks to Griswold for coming up with this modification idea during our post at the Mess Hall yesterday!)


All of the songs on the playlist and the trivia questions shared a theme today: One-Hit Wonders. The trivia question would be the name of a one-hit wonder song and the PAX would need to name the artist/band. As a warm up, I asked if anyone knew the song currently playing on Blades’ Glorious Speaker. Q-Tip quickly chimed in with the correct answer. Now the real question:


In the year 2000, “Who let the dogs out?”


Again, Q-Tip with the correct answer:


The Baha Men


Clearly, no wax in Q-Tip’s ears this morning… 


Merkins x 7


On to Warm-A-Rama, right as the song changed to: “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Cherry pickers x 21IC
Sun God Squats x 10IC (forward and reverse)
Hillbillies x 15 IC 
Then we held the following poses:

Plank; Downdog; Updog; Pigeon R leg, and Pigeon L leg


Pre-Thang: Captain America Thor


(next song: “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness)


With a weight, we would do a 1:4 ratio of Big Boys to American Hammers. We did SEVEN rounds and the Q could do no more…and he was starting to mess up the count!


Trivia Q#2: In 1988, who sang “Don’t Worry be Happy”?

It was Q-Tip AGAIN with the right answer: Bobby McFerrin

Merkins x 7

The Thang: The Oneders

ONE PAX would wander over to be the Oneder. The Oneder would go to the first cone and either use the one coupon to murder bunny (or bear crawl) to the second cone; do 10 Merkins, and then reverse murder bunny (or crawl bear) back to the cone. The rest of the PAX would wait for the Oneder to return and rotate to the next PAX while doing the following AMRAP exercises:


These went on a little longer because the Q was enjoying some great 2nd F with Blades of Glory. Also, because the Q was enjoying Samples and TC providing some supporting vocals to “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum

Folsom recognized “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies. 

Somewhere around this time we listened to “Your Love” by The Outfield. And then later “In the Meantime” by Spacehog. 


At this point, it was the Q’s turn to be the Oneder. But first we had a trivia break:


Trivia Q#3: In 1972, which band performed “Stuck in the Middle with You?”


This time it was a different Double-Respect PAX Member to provide the correct answer:

Hipster said “Stealer’s Wheel” – well done!

Merkins x 7


Then we resumed with more AMRAP:

While the Q was doing the Oneder, the song “Vehicle” by The Ides of March began to play. In the middle of my bruiser-bear crawl, I could hear some unidentified PAX singing along – super-fun group today!

Blades and I sang along on our six to “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit and “Cannonball” by The Breeders
19) LBCS
20) GLUTE BRIDGE (BUT wait! No time for this one– that’s why it’s at the rear. I know, I know… you are cracking up at my cheeky puns.)


Trivia Q#4: In 1963, which band performed, “Wipe Out”?

The Q thought we would be doing our first T-Merkinsof the day, but Q-Tip hollered out, “The Surfaris” – Correct, correct! Respect, respect!

Merkins x7

6MOM (or 8675309 minutes of Mary, if you ask Tommy Tutone)
⁃ Beast Mode (10 Count x3 with assist from the PAX)
⁃ Alternating knee taps x15IC
⁃ Plank (10 Count x3 with assist from the PAX)
⁃ Gator Spears x20IC (10 each side)
⁃ Chilcut (10 Count x3 with assist from the PAX)
⁃ Gator Tails x20IC (10 each leg)

Trivia Q#5: In 1996, the song “Standing Outside a Broken Telephone Booth with Money in my Hand” was performed by which band?

Betamax was the only one to make a guess here, but, alas, we could not come up with: Primitive Radio Gods

T-Merkins x7 

Nameorama: Fantastic to see so many respect PAX!


(“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers starts playing)
⁃ Mufasa charity poker game: 2/26. 7pm. Vidlak’s. Benefits F3 Omaha Foundation

Prayer Requests
– Safe travels for Folsom

– Prayers for Betamax (Thank you for leaning into the PAX, brother!)
⁃ Al Borland’s son, Callum

COT: One-Hit Wonders
After I found out you need music to Q Heavy, I started putting together a playlist and ended up picking all these one-hit wonder songs. This got me thinking about what a strange and unhealthy way that is to view success and failure. Your biggest success (a musical hit) is mocked because you only did it once and is therefore a failure. The term “one-hit wonder” implies that it’s a wonder you made a hit song at all because you were clearly so untalented you couldn’t do it again.


But it’s a curious thing that a one hit wonder is simultaneously seen as a great success but also a huge failure. It’s a reminder that success and failure are very much intertwined. After all, we learn from failure to have success!


But how should we define success? Or define failure? This reminded me of a Bryan Stephenson quote (he is a death penalty defense lawyer and wrote the book “Just Mercy,” which is now a movie) He said: “Each of us is MORE than the WORST thing we’ve ever done.” I think the same is true for our success: “Each of us is MORE than the BEST thing we’ve ever done”

The point being that to define your success or failure, you really have to look at your entire life to fairly evaluate it. For me, looking back, I thought I was successful professionally for a long time. But it was really to the detriment of my family. I now see that I was failing on the stuff that actually matters.

I would suggest that you define your success and failure on how well you keep your concentrica prioritized: Are you treating your M like that person is the most important relationship in your life? Are you putting your 2.0s over your work? Are you forming close relationships with friends who hold you accountable? Are you treating everyone with whom you interact with kindness, respect, and dignity?

Whether you are succeeding or failing at these things, doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that you’ve set a goal of what real success is and are willing to fail in order to achieve it.

So, like a one hit wonder, all of us can be very successful at failing.


Stella graciously volunteered to take us out in prayer.


Almost forgot: Passing of the Nugent Flag from Q-Tip to Hipster! Respect!!!!!!!


Semisonic took us out at the end with “Closing Time


With Gratitude,



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