02/15/2022: The Colosseum, Humidity 79% and 24 degrees.

QIC: Vandelay

I arrived early to set up the field for the Thang – pretty simple today.  It was great to have a field with the lights to brighten the Gloom.  When finished, I headed out to greet the pre-run crowd.

Pre-run went off with no issues and I enjoyed running with Samples and TC as Cheap Seats, Chiclets, Splinter, Stella, and Black Lung sprinted ahead.  Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone off the list.

As we arrived back at the flags, a pretty sizable group was assembling.  With 2 VQs going on today, I was not expecting to have many Pax in attendance but was happy to engage with many I don’t see on a regular basis, with us usually posting at one of the other many Tuesday locations.  No FNGs were present today at the Colosseum.

PAX: Ice Tea, Honey Stinger, Black Lung, Toadstool, Safe Ride, Squirt, Honkey Tonk, Cyclone (Respect- Respect), Sister Act, Stella, BetaMax, Bloodshot, TC (Respect), Tin Cup, Two Step, Q-Tip (Respect Respect), Samples (Respect), Ketchup, Chiclets (Respect), Hat Trick (Respect), Lansbury, Tugboat, Splinter, Paramount, Honeymaid, Cheap Seats

I presented the mission, core principles, and disclaimers.  I also indicated that my VQ a few years ago was also Vandelay’s Post Valentines Day Beatdown and we may revive some material.  We completed one lap of the track and arrived at the field center circle.


On arriving at the center – I called an audible to start.  

Being a Creighton Prep alum and this being my first Q on this field, I decided to pay some respects.  All Pax were to face out from the circle.  From here we assumed the Monkey Humper position and completed 10 IC while waving our backsides toward the proud Red W.  OK- enough of that nonsense. 

Big Ones- 10 IC

We quickly assembled into groups of 4-5 for the rest of Warm-A-Rama.

We then ran 15 yards between our group with arm exercises on one side and leg exercises on the other.  Apollo Ohnos were part of the leg side in honor of the Winter Olympics.

Pre Thang

Plank – Chillcut- Merkins :  20 count of each for three consecutive rounds.  I included (1) 10 count after a lot of whining.  I was also whining internally so the count seemed like a good call.


Thang consisted of pairing up with your Warm-A- Rama group.  As a group we started at the north goal line and ran 10 yards and did Bernie Sanders back, then 20 yards and back, then 30 yards, etc til you reached the other goal line.  Exercises were at each 10-yard mark in quantity of line marker:

10 – Alarm Clocks

20- Monkey Humpers IC

30- Merkins


50- Air Squats

40- Flutter Kicks IC

30- Mountain Climbers IC

20- Bobby Hurleys

10- Bonnie Blairs IC

1 Oh Yeah


We pretty much got through it and a few groups were able to R and R another set or two.


Box cutters – 15 IC.  PAX were encouraged to remember that boxes are traditionally rectangles Dyeing Cockroaches – 15 IC

American Hammer – Rancid Style.  This proved to be a mess for actually determining our number so a count off ensued at completion.


No major issues. 

Announcements & Prayers:

• Poker night at end of the month- Check Slack

• Freed to Lead discussion after numerous AOs- Check Slack

• Freed to Bleed – Check Slack

• Polar Plunge – Check Slack

• Apex Challenge and Donations- Check Slack

• No Prayer requests were mentioned but we offered prayers for those within our hearts.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

I mentioned at the start that my VQ was also Vandelay’s Post Valentine’s Day Beatdown a few years earlier.  Most of this workout was new – because I wanted to use the football field.  However, the message I gave that day was worth revisiting as many Pax in attendance were not at my Q that day and I had been thinking about some similar ideas lately.  It covered some topics that I think we regularly discuss with each other.

I have benefitted greatly from membership in this group – although it isn’t really “membership”.  It is a different kind of belonging and I thank you all for your friendship and insight on various topics we have explored together over the last several months.  I am trying to focus on my gratitude and being aware of a more gracious attitude and I encourage everyone to keep this in the forefront of their own thoughts.

I read some excerpts from an article I found on the OWH website.  It related to retirement planning but I found that some key ideas resonated greatly with what I believe this group stands for in terms of our development of HIM.   A few asked me to post part of the reading, so excerpts below from Inside Omaha, Take Steps to be the Person you Want to Become. By Joe Heam, Feb 3, 2019.

You will be who you are becoming.  You’re never going to wake up one morning and be something that you haven’t been becoming little by little, day by day, for years.  A caterpillar doesn’t go to bed as a fuzzy little worm and wake up the next morning a beautiful butterfly.  That transformation from egg to larva to pupa to butterfly takes about half its life.

If there are things that need work, however – certain skills, attitudes, fears, plans, goals, logistics, friendships, relationships, knowledge, personality traits- then you’d better start working on those things now.  You won’t be able to flip them on and off like a switch.  Instead you have to form them drop by drop over time.  

So, if you will be who you are becoming, that begs the question: “Who are you becoming?”  Maybe more importantly, “Do you like who you are becoming?”

Thanks to Tin Cup for allowing me the opportunity to lead today.

The Nugent Flag was passed to Q-Tip at completion.



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