AO – Armory

Q – Fine Print (No Respect) and Ketchup

PAX (15)– Thomas, Nelly, Obi-wan, Griswold, Truly, Gator, Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Barn Door, Baby Shoes, Blades of Glory, Lite Bright, Slow Clap (Respect), Hard Hat


5:30 a prompt call to arms was issued. It had rained that night,so things were dark and wet (emphasis added). Ketchup and Fine Print split duties for the opening ceremonies as follows:

• 5 Core Principles (KETCHUP)

• Mission Statement and the special Disclaimer – (FINE PRINT)

• Explanation that today is National Friendship Day, so we are going to do things in pairs today (KETCHUP)

• Issuance of the morning directive… “It is dark and wet this morning, much like the day we were born, let’s birth some new friendships today” and direction to Mosey up to the school parking lot (FINE PRINT)



3 Exercises Fine Print

• Side Straddle Hops

• Tappy Taps

• Windmills


3 Exercises Ketchup

• Groin Stretches

• Michael Phelps

• Plea Squats


Prethang – (KETCHUP)

Headed to north endzone and gave direction to partner up for the worldwide premier of Dragunda’s.  However, it was quickly realized that due to recent rainfall and mud…Dragunda’s were not going to be executable today – what a drag!  There wasn’t enough traction and not enough lead in the ass to get moving.  There was a 3 count of mourning for Ketchup as this was supposed to be Dragunda day, but PAX members were waiting,and no one had time for tears so a quick audible to switch to partner drags was given and we were off.  

Drag partner 20 yards – 20 LBC’s IC

Switch and drag another 20 yards – 20 Big Ones

Switch and drag another 20 yards – 20 Freddie Mercuries IC

Switch and drag another 20 yards – 20 Box Cutters IC

Bear Crawl last 20 yards – 20 Flutter Kicks IC


Head to Bleachers (FINE PRINT)

The PAX moseyed to the bleachers. The conditions were treacherous and muddy. As Ketchup and I scouted the territory early that morning, Ketchup almost slipped on the mud and died. Luckily, he caught his footing – nobody likes expired Ketchup. Upon the PAX arrival to the bleachers, we ran up and down a bit until Fine Print was winded. Roughly one trip. We then settled in on the wet bleachers for alarm clock Merkins. 


10 MERKINS – 12:00

10 MERKINS – 3:00

10 MERKINS – 6:00

10 MERKINS – 9:00



As the Merkin clock struck 9 (which also happens to be Fine Print’s bedtime), the PAX moseyed to the North endzone for the Thang.


The muddy conditions reminded YHC of one of my favorite childhood memories – making mud pies with my grandpa – until my mom found out and hid the urn. 



Grouped up into 4’s.  In each group – 2 men ran to the 50-yard line and back while the other 2 performed exercises at the goal line.  Rep counts were cumulative.  Halfway through Ketchupcalled an audible and told the groups to rotate so that new friends could be made. The fellowship was sailing on high seas this morning and it was a glorious sight to see. 

Merkins – 100

Squats – 200

Shoulder Taps – 200 NOT IC

Bonnie Blairs – 100

Groiners – 100

Mountain Climbers – 100 IC

Omaha was called at 605 and we moseyed back to the flags for Mary.  



6 Inches (KETCHUP) Some of the PAX were lucky to get 2 doses of 6-inches this week. 

Rancid Hammers – (FINE PRINT) 



Yes. Post tomorrow and you’ll hear some. Check Slack.


APEX now with a 3rd F component (Light McBright is Qing at Ironwood on Wednesday)

Perhaps some other announcements YHC cannot remember


Prayer Requests

Griswold: For his M (Sara) and their family as she pursues a new career opportunity

Barn Door’s daughter’s classmate was recently diagnosed with T1 Diabetes 

Irish Car Bomb’s daughter (Paisley) and her upcoming heart surgery #PaisleyPower

Blades to get some positive momentum and reunite with his kids

For Lincoln and good medical test results




“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” 

-Amy Poehler


I felt like this quote summed up nicely what we do here each morning. You are all changing my life. 

I tend to put up a lot of walls mentally both socially and professionally.


Early on in my F3 journey I’d think things like:

• Make new friends? – I already have a bunch of friends I never have time to see as it is – why make more?• Go to Coffeeteria? – meh I’m not a huge coffee guy and I got stuff to do this morning…

• I can’t do this or that bc… x, y, or z.

• Imposter syndrome at work – WTF am I even doing here? They’re gonna find out about my fake it ‘til you make it strategy.

• Being open and vulnerable makes me uncomfortable. I’m not going to share. (I still do this a lot but am working on it.)


F3 and you guys specifically have helped me to tear down these walls brick by brick or coupon by coupon if you prefer. It’s a process for sure and I’m still working through it, but I am regaining the confidence I once had.


For this you are making me better. I am grateful for all of you. I am grateful for my Co-Q Ketchup and many of you that have become friends. And I’m excited to build and strengthen those bonds. 


If you’re new or if you’re like me and have put walls up. Please know you can begin to let them down here. This circle of trust exists even when we aren’t physically here in this circle at the end of a beatdown. This is a circle that looks inwards to help a brother when he needs it. This circle looks outwards to help our communities. And together this circle is reinvigorating male community leadership. You can be yourself here and I just want to encourage anyone who may be in a place like I was to go ALL IN. 



In Freed to Lead the Sifter Section has a quote: “Deep male friendship requires accountability, and accountability required transparency.  To keep you from veering into the ditch, your friend has to be able to clearly see your grimy hands on the shaky steering wheel”.  We all have legacy buddies, man dates and work buddies but very few real friendships.  F3 provides that opportunity and there isn’t a man standing the circle this morning that hasn’t had an impact on my life and that I don’t want to let down.  It is a process, but friendship is critical to filling the Sifter hole.  


FINE PRINT led us out in prayer

We then headed to Starbucks for Coffeeteria where Fine Print ordered coffee from the wrong Starbucks and another PAX-member was overheard telling the barista that his coffee tasted like mud. She told him, “Well, that’s good because it was fresh ground this morning.”

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