February 14, 2022//Just West of Memorial Park//AO-Ironwood//22 degrees, very little wind

18 Pax: Merit Badge, Oopmpa, Demogorgon, Doppler, Wiley, Polaroid, Oahu, Superfly, Rooster, Bovine, Rushmore (FNG), Kill Switch, Barber Shop, Streaker (FNG), U-Haul, DollFace (Respect), Side Dish, Rancid, Frosty

Q: Frosty

What a glorious morning!  We gathered at 5:30, Frosty welcomed the Pax, congratulated our Smurfers, gave mission statement, reviewed the 5 principles and gave the disclaimer.  Frosty reminded everyone they could modify in either direction; simplify the exercises or feel free to push themselves. 

Either way, we were going to celebrate Valentines Day. What is the most important thing when wooing your sweetheart?  Getting to know you!  We’re going to get to know each other and continue our love affair with F3!

Warm-o-Rama is mosey to the playground

On the basketball court – White Board what we wanted to get out of F3, what we ended up getting and what we got but didn’t expect while doing SSH, Butt Kickers and High Knees. 

Cupid Shuffle Pre-Thang – Plank style.  Every time they say “down” we do a merkin, “to the right” move right, “to the left” move left, “now kick” donkey kicks, “walk it by yourself” mountain climbers.  4 minutes

The Thang “Speed Dating” – 4 stations – Complete 2 sets of the exercises at each station and run a lap with each member of the group answering the topic questions before you get back. 

Station #1 – Dips/Step ups – How did you get your F3 name?   What was your favorite F3 beatdown?

Station #2 – Merkins/Copperheads – What are you getting from F3 that you didn’t expect?  Which F could you improve on?

Station #3 – Squats/ATMs –  What who are you currently praying for?  If you could ask Sky Q for one thing for YOURSELF, what would it be?

Station #4 – Verticle Rows/Sumo Squats – What make you the most proud over the last year?   Do you have any apologies you need to make?

OMAHA – Pair up with someone new and mosey back to the shovel flags.  Share a few things you learned about yourself and someone else.   YHC had a great chat with Rooster on the way back.  We all wish we had more time for 2nd F.

6 MOM – There was only time for one flutter kick!

Mumblechatter: Some great chatter today inspired by the topics and otherwise.  It’s always great to have FNGs and participate in welcoming them, explaining just a little bit about what happens at F3 and “decode” our process.  We had a couple of great new guys today.  Rushmore and Streaker!

Announcements/Prayer Requests: As always, there is a lot coming up.  Apex, Polar Plunge, Texas Hold’em tournament.  Please check slack or reach out to someone to find out about upcoming 2nd and 3rd F opportunities.  

Prayers for all the couples expecting 2.0s!  We have a new crop coming soon to an AO near you!

Today’s COT came from the chatter during the beatdown.  We all came to F3 for various reasons and ended up getting so much more.  2nd and 3rd Fs are so important.  One PAX brought up it is also important to stay Open To All Men.  The faith aspect is 1/3 but we don’t push any religion and that is important to some.  Another PAX expressed learning the ability to think outside of himself.  We call that “living third” and for some of us it comes more naturally than others.  

The point is we come to workout and end up being a part of something bigger than ourselves.  

We wrote the COT together when we whiteboarded at the beginning of the beatdown.  The Valentine’s message is all about LOVE.  

First F – I’m learning to love myself

Second F – I’m learning how to love you

Third F – I’m learning how to love my community/my world

And SkyQ is a big circle around all three.


Frosty took us out in prayer

Aye- Frosty

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