Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022//Westside Swing School//AO-Octagon//22 degrees//

18 Pax: Golden Pike, Scoober, Super Host, Hard Hat, Smashmouth, Baby Shoes, Shingles, Rollbar, Betamax, Wentworth, Slowpitch, Khakis, Edison, Ice T, Patton, Spacebar, Tater Tot, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered around the shovelflags. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was given, the motto was recited, and then Folsom led the PAX on a mosey.

Warm O’ Rama (7 minutes)

  1. Frolicking around the parking lot for a ¼ mile
  2. Goofy in Love Balls ICx20
  3. Hips don’t lie ICx10 each direction
  4. Seductive Taps ICx14
  5. Downward Dog to “Stella’s” at the moon x10

The Thang: Love Stinks (26 minutes)

Folsom lead the PAX into the infield where he had the PAX partner up. 1 set of partners had to pull Hard Hat’s sled with 4 coupons in it to the cone and back as the push group. The other PAX performed the partner exercises listed below AMRAP until the push came back. Every time we got to the end of the list, the entire PAX ran up the little hill, did 10IC Monkey Humpers, and carefully ran back down. I believe we made it through the entire list 4 times.

Partner Exercises

  • Wheelbarrow alternating shoulder taps
  • High Five Big Boys
  • Booyah Merkins
  • Low Five Squats
  • Bropees
  • Leg Throw Downs
  • Kid ‘n’ Plays
  • Feet on Back Merkins

MOM: (4 minutes)

  • Heart Cutters ICx14
  • LBC’s ICx14 (Love Big Crunches)
  • Homer Loves Marge

COT: If you are in a relationship, married or otherwise, raise your hand. Now if you are completely happy in the relationship keep your hands up. What if I told you that, as it should be, your response would not leave this circle? Would that change your answer? I bet it would for some, if not all of us. (Turns out this group of open, honest, and vulnerable PAX were honest, as 100% of the PAX lowered their hand.) That’s ok. For some reason, problems in our relationship is something we just don’t talk about. Could be we don’t want people to know our personal business. We feel somehow like failures if we aren’t “happily married”. Well, I’m here to tell you, the problems you have had, are more common then you would ever believe. I encourage you to share your problems. You could pay someone to listen to you, ideally a marriage counselor or therapist and not your plumber. Or you could just talk with fellow PAX. So many of us have experience the same issues. If we haven’t, we’re always willing to listen. Many of the PAX are capable of offering sage advice too. I encourage everyone to talk about their relationship issues. Because talking about them is the first step in dealing with them. Things can get better. Happily ever after is just a fairy tale, but something close is possible.

Aye- Folsom

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