Q – Ketchup

PAX:  Mufasa, Super Host, Slow Clap, Crab Cakes, Hard Hat, Fine Print, Barn Door, Tonight Show, Gator, Light Bright, TBall

Q Kicked off the festivities promptly at 5:30 where we stated the mission statement, five core principles, disclaimer and explained that today was going to be another full range of motion type of day. Q asked if there were any FNG’s and we were off for Warmarama where we moseyed through the neighborhood to the cross walk near the path to the lake.


Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Big Ones – 10 IC

Michael Phelps – 10 IC

Groin Stretches – 10 – 3 second pulses

Plea Squats – 10 IC

Hamstring Stretches – Hand down – elbows – reach outs

Once done with Warm-a-rama got the cardio up with pre-thang

Pre-Thang – Relay Sprints 

PAX were instructed pair off and assemble with their team at the painted cross walk at the bottom of the hill.  Looking up the hill there were 4 cones spread 50 yards apart.  On go – PAX 1 from each pair sprinted to the first cone and immediately went into a plank.  As soon as they saw the plank – PAX 2 started their sprint. Upon arrival to PAX 1, PAX 2 immediately went into plank and PAX 2 took off to the second cone.  This process was rinsed and repeated until all PAX members were at the 4th cone.  

This process was repeated two more times, down and back up the hill, only with Elbow Planks and the Gator Spear Pose as PAX members stopped at each cone.  

Once done with the Pre-Thang – we moseyed to the football field for the Thang.  

The Thang

Cones were setup denoting the endzones and 25 yard increments.  Starting at the south end zone, the PAX moved across the football field alternating between Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Long Jump and Duck Walk walk.  On the way back across the field PAX members moved across the field in reverse with Walk Duck, Jump Longs, Walk Crab, and Crawl Bear.  

At the 25, 50 and 75 yard marks the following exercises were planned:

25 Yard –

20 Merkins

20 Dry Docks

20 Werkins

50 Yard – 

20 Big Boys

20 LBC’s IC

20 Frozen Freddies

75 Yard – 

20 Squats

20 Bobby Hurleys

20 Bonnie Blairs

Goal Line – 10 Burpees

At 607 Omaha was called and we moseyed to the flags for 6 MOM


Q’s personal favorite 6 inches was called which was followed up by American Hammer’s Rancid Style…and we were done.  


Announcements – Prayers – Patton who broke his ribs and collapsed his lung.  

For the message the Q talked about how right now he is looking for that next thing to achieve.  The CSAUP was the latest event and now that is over, he wants that next thing.  In the Freed to Lead book it discusses that you never plateau.  You are either moving forward or going backwards…getting better or starting to lose what you gained.  Don’t plateau and if anyone else is struggling for that next ‘goal’ let me know cause I am right there with you.  

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