Thursday, February 10, 2022 | The Sandlot | Halleck Park| 5:30 AM |

29 Degrees, 20 degrees real feel

PAX (9): Squeaky Clean, Swiper, Ditty, Ear Tag, Zorro, KOA, Firewalker, GRISWOLD!!!

QIC: Jean-Claude


Alternate Pre-Run: 2mi with Highlife, Animal House, MP45JC

Warm-a-rama: 10 SSH

Pre Thang: No.

The Thang:   

-Chain Run to 72nd and East 1st Street (base of the 72nd street hill)

-OYO to 72nd and Cornhusker (first segment to American Parkway known on Strava as “Dirt Hill”: .21  miles, 71’ elevation gain, 6.3% grade), orbit back to the 6 until everyone gets to the top

-Left on Corhnusker to the new hospital, Left on Fortune Drive, Left on American Parkway and 72nd.

-Hill work: each PAX partnered up and Snake-ran Dirt Hill, moving from east to west, 6 times. 


-Finish with 2 more up-downs for a total of 14 hill runs.

-Back to 72nd, back to the shovel flag.

Total Miles; 4.0

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Buckle Presentation/Prayer:

Announcements – Abide, on Saturday, Freed to Bleed in February-spots still open.  APEX will fundraise for the parks system so we can contribute in a meaningful way to the resource we love to utilize.

Prayer Requests –Paisley, Sara.

COT –  My playlist today spanned multiple timeframes and genres.  I  attempted to touch on at least one that would resonate with each PAX member, to find a common thread in music.  I encourage everyone to find the “thread” in the fabric of life that ties you to everyone you encounter.  Focusing on the commonalities of our short existence here on earth seems to be a much more productive way to engage people than concerning ourselves with the faults, fairness, or slights of others.  Hopefully we can all apply this strategy to make our world a better place.


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The Sandlot

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