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It was unseasonably warm February 1st morning and the PAX gathered promptly around Flags at 5:30am. 

13 HIM including FLANDERS, Q-TIP, SPACEBAR, SAUL, TIN CUP, BLOODSHOT, ICE-T, HAT-TRICK GRASSROOTS, STINK BAIT, JEEVES, SPORTIVA, VANILLA ICE circled up as Khakis welcomed them all to the Colosseum and F3.  He went over what F3 stands for including the 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Disclaimer, Credo and ultimately asked if there were any FNGs – there were none, and so they were off.  It was then to the PAX dismay that Khakis led them onto the field for a Warmaram…yes a true Warmarama. 


20 SSH

20 Sun Gods 10 forward and 10 backward

Deep Catcher Style Squat for 20 seconds


200 YARDS OF JUMP & GROIN 10/20 Out 20/30 Back

For 10 yards broad jump and do a goiner then jog 20 rinse and repeat

for a 100 yards and then jog back to the 50 Nugent Squat to the Six

For 20 yards broad jump and do a groiner then jog the last 30 yards in

Nugent Squat to the Six

THE THANG -All exercises are AMRAP

3-Man Grinder

1.             Mountain Climbers

2.             Hand-Release Burpees

3.             Monkey-Humpers

4.             Hand-Release T-Mekrins

5.             Nugent Squat-Jumps (Tater’s Wild Pitch)

6.             Nolan Ryan’s

7.             Chuck Norris Plank-Jacks

8.             Just Get-Ups

9.             Bobby Hurleys

10.     Your Choice or Hydraulic Squats

At 6:05 Khakis called Omaha and they all circled up for a little Mary.

20 Heals To Heaven IC

20 Heal Touches IC

20 Pulsating LBCs IC

20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 American Hammers IC

Then the final Omaha was called and Khakis completed Namorama, went over the announcements and prayer requests. His COT was short but to the point.  He held up a copy of Freed to Lead (F2L) and frankly admitted that book changed his life. He admitted to being the ultimate sad clown before finding F3 or more correctly F3 finding him.  He mentioned when he first started they were helpful telling him what to do and how to do things in F3 but it wasn’t until he read F2L that they “why” was understood and that is when it all truly clicked for him.  He  encouraged the PAX to read F2L if they haven’t already or join in any of the book discussions being held this month.   He joked that he was half expecting to see his picture in the back of the book stating “in memory of”…but thank God it didn’t go that far.  He encouraged the PAX to lean into F3 and take advantage of that F3 has to offer.

He then asked Flanders to pray us out. Khakis

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