February 5, 2022|AO- The Dragon’s Lair|20 degrees but felt colder than that

16 PAX: Tee Ball, Borat, Squeaky Clean, Skidz, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, Ear Tag, Obi-wan, Yodel, Lincoln Log (Respect x2), Mr. Miyagi, Speed Square, KOA, Lite Brite, Unicycle, Mother Goose (QIC)

6:00 AM- Recited meaning, principles, and mission of F3 and gave disclaimer; no FNG’s.

Moseyed around the Tennis courts twice and lined up along the end of fence for a dynamic warm-up:

  • A Skips to the net
  • B Skips back
  • High knees to the net
  • Butt kicks back
  • Walking quad pulls to the net
  • Walking high knee pulls back
  • Walking toe touches to the net
  • Frankensteins back
  • Karaoke to the net and back
  • Tapiocca to the net and back
  • Stationary stretches:
    • 10 Tappy Taps IC
    • 10 Big Ones IC
    • 10 Sun Gods IC each way
    • 10 Cherry Pickers IC
    • 20 Second Small Ones hold
    • 10 Monkey Humpers IC
    • 10 Tempo Merkins IC

Went out onto the basketball court and circled up for the Pre-Thang… Master of Puppets:

  • Played the song by Metallica.  During all fast instrumentals we held Al Gore, during all singing we held plank and performed a Merkin for each “master” or anything that rhymed with it. Did Imperial Walkers with arms up (puppet style) during slow instrumental in the middle.  Completed the whole 9 minute song.

We then partnered up for the Thang- 2 man grinder:

  • One partner would run to a lantern up a slight hill about 120 yards away and back while his partner stayed on the basketball court performing one exercise AMRAP.  We repeated with a new exercise each round:
    • Copperhead Squats
    • LBC’s
    • Werkins
    • Alternating Lunges
    • Heel Touches
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Apollo Ohno’s
    • Heels to Heaven
    • Ranger Merkins
    • Johnny Drama’s with Sun Gods
  • One pair had reached the Heels to Heaven when Omaha was called.

Post-thang- Wild Side

  • Played “Wild Side” by Motley Crue and performed one burpee for every time Vince Neil sang “wild side.” Did Johnny Drama’s with Sun Gods in between.
  • Didn’t finish the whole song as YHC was gassed and also didn’t want to go overtime.


  • 15 Dying Cockroaches IC
  • 10 E2K Each Leg
  • 15 Heels to Heaven IC
  • 15 Frozen Freddy’s IC


Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Prayers for all the PAX and family members of PAX affected by COVID or injuries.
  • Check Slack for many 3rd F opportunities coming up.
  • Apologies as YHC is typing this back blast 6 days later and can’t remember all prayer requests.


For the second time in a COT, I decided to introduce the idea of Ignatian Indifference. After spending 20 years in Jesuit schools, the philosophy and approach to faith of St. Ignatius is my primary means to connect with God.  As F3 HIM we are trained to NOT be indifferent. We are to be passionate and want to affect change.  Ignatius’s idea of indifference isn’t quite the same.  Here is a definition and brief reflection I shared with the PAX:

Ignatian indifference is the capacity to let go of what doesn’t help me to love God or love others—while staying engaged with what does.

Often, we think about freedom as freedom from others, but St. Ignatius understood freedom differently.  For him, human freedom is a freedom to grow in relationship with God and share in God’s redemptive work.  This requires internal freedom or what Ignatius called “indifference.” Indifference means being detached enough from things, people, or experiences to be able either to take them up or leave them aside, depending on whether they help us to praise, reverence, and serve God. In other words, it’s the capacity to let go of what doesn’t help me to love God or love others—while staying engaged with what does.

I decided to return to this concept for my COT as there are two large sources of stress in my life that I need to detach from.  My wife and I have been blessed with our third child.  The lack of sleep and priority to help my wife has not allowed me to post as often as I’d like to, and I find myself feeling like I’m missing out or getting worried about reaching certain goals for the year.  I have had to back out of a hard commit, and I feel bad about myself when I do.  Fortunately for me, the PAX of F3 Omaha help remind me of what matters.  They have told me “you were exactly where you needed to be,” “concentrica first,” or “a healthy baby and happy wife are more important than how fit you are.”  I need these reminders to detach even from F3 at times and engage it when I can because I know it helps me to love God and others.

The other source of stress is a potential job change.  I have been very unhappy lately in my current position and there is an opportunity on the horizon for a potential exciting move.  I am hopeful in that it would not involve as much time away from my family while still paying the same or more.  I am trying to detach from thinking about it, so that if things fall through I won’t be left disappointed or crushed.  I’m trying to remember how blessed I am to be employed and help provide for a family. 

I led us out in a prayer of gratitude.

Here’s to good days and better tomorrows!

Cheers and SYITG,

Mother Goose

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