2/9/2022 | Slight south breeze, 40°, no complaints for February

AO: Main Stage, Millard South HS

QIC: Griswold

PAX: T-ball, Q-tip ( Respect, Respect ), Fine print, Mufasa, Blades of Glory, Thomas, Sister Act, Retweet, Speed Square, Kill Switch, Obi-Wan, Chippendale, Skidz, Yogi, Outhouse, Unicycle, Barn Door, Escobar, Pit Stop, Nelly, Baby Shoes, Snip Snip, Romeo, Black Flag, Animal House, Lite Brite, Duracell, Sticks, Rollbar, Armbar, Hard Hat, Z-Bo, Cheap seats, Griswold.

Man, what a morning.  I showed up at 4:50am for a little setup.  Already cars in the parking lot.  Knew it was gonna be special.  Warm February morning. Healthy group of pre-runners and ruckers.  Shout out to Yogi and Escobar for smashing their pre-run.  Dudes are really accelerating!

5:30am – Greeted the PAX.  Mission Statement and core principles given.  No FNGs.  Not a professional, the workout before us was merely suggestions.

WoR – Circled up at midfield for my absolute favorite WoR.  5 IC SSH.  Sparty did this a long time ago, and it always stuck with me.  If there’s anything about F3 that’s mundane, it’s the WoR. Guy nailed it and I love using it.

Modified Grinder Mile – PAX Partnered up.  One guy ran a lap, the other did AMRAP monkey humpers until partner finished a lap, then partners switched.

DORA – Another one of my favorites to get a nice pump going.  Had PAX stay with same partner and we met on the east sideline.  100 Merkins, 200 Squats & 100 Carolina Dry Docks collectively.  One partner started with the exercise, the other sprinted to the west sideline and came back then switched until all exercises were completed.

Dark Webb – my brother Hard Hat won’t take credit for this but he brought this out once and it’s a horrible workout, so let’s bring it back.  First up was upper body.  One merkin, 2 raise the roof.  Then 2 merkins, 4 raise the roof and so on until we reach 10 merkins and 20 raise the roof.  This is deceptively hard. Next up was legs.  Same format but squats and bonnie blairs all the way to 10 and 20 respectively. Lastly was core.  We did big boys and American hammers.

And since Mufasa had plenty of energy, we did 10 burpees. Still didn’t keep him quiet. 😊

And for the finisher, we performed my brother Gators favorite. 

Beast mode on all fours, knees slightly off the ground.  30 secs. Then alternating knee taps in beast mode, 20IC.  Then move to plank for Gator spears 10IC each side.  Move to chilcut for 30secs.  Then lastly Gator tails.  One leg straight and bring one leg out as far as you can, 10IC each leg.


Announcements & Prayer Requests – Abide Saturday, F2L discussions, Irish Car Bomb prayers, Lindsey prayers, Eric prayers, 12 in 22 and APEX 3rd F trail improvements, also asked for prayers for my wife as she transitions to a new job opportunity.

CoT:  My original beatdown idea was nothing like what we did today and I’m glad.  This worked out good with the size of group we had.  Bumped into a motivational video on twitter from Steve Harvey that made an impact on me and wanted to share with the group.  First of all I congratulated them on surviving every difficult day they’ve ever had. Could be wrecking a car, firing or losing a job, break up, lost a love one.  Whatever it may be.  But you’ve survived all those days that you thought you’d never get passed. So congrats.  Next was all about taking a second to reflect on those days you seem tired or not feeling it or your in a funk and can’t seem to get passed it.  Easy way is to take a 5 count and think about all the blessings you have in your life.  For one, you woke up.  You have money to go buy a coffee or breakfast.  You have somewhere to call home.  You have the ability to think and dream or even another day to “get it right.”  Friends, family and the PAX.  I could come up with a laundry list of why you should feel blessed.  So take a 5 count and think about those when you’re “not feeling it.”

Thank you for your support today for me, For Sister Act and the Main Stage AO.

What. A. Morning.

Sister Act led us out in prayer.



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